The FSM is not a real religion

Published January 28th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

The FSM is not a real religion. You just made it up and decided to plagiarize the bible. If you’re going to make up a religion have a fucking imagination and come up with you’re own quotes that haven’t been scammed off of the other legitimate religions of the world.

~Christine ~

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  1. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Can there be more than one legitimate religion if they preach the others are going to hell?

  2. light; killer of all criminals says:

    you’re actually wrong, there is a church somewhere in washington DC and i think a shrine

  3. Chris Root says:

    God exists and is made of pasta !!!

  4. JR says:

    re: Christine

    Satire is wasted on the stupid. Put down your bibles and pick up some books worth reading once in a while.

    Start with Darwin. And maybe some Jefferson.

    • ۞ says:

      A 1957 London phone directory would be more accurate, more up to date, more interesting, better written and useful than the bible.

      • Jeff says:

        I find a few things wrong with this.

        1. Freedom of religion
        2. There is no way of knowing if christianity is right or if pastafarianism is right or what have you.

        Try reading. it helps


  5. Richard says:

    It is particularly interesting that she would blame the Chruch of the FSM of plagiarism…Wondering what inspired the bible-writers?

  6. CaptainJackPasta says:

    Christianity is not a real religion. It was made up and you decided to plagiarize the Gospel of the flying spaghetti monster, which we have only recently recoverd from your popes hat. If you are going to make up a religion have an imagination and come up with you’re own quotes that havnt been scammed from the FSM and the other legitimate religions of the world.

    May pasta be with us all.

  7. rubygonzola says:

    “scammed off of the other legitimate religions of the world.”

    Im sorry. For a second there you were not claiming to be the only religion in the world. Well certainly if you recognise all these other religions as religions (even though that would be a massive offense to your god and would certainly be a sin on your part) then you have to recognise our belief and faith in the FSM and the promise of strippers and beer in our heaven.

  8. Tomasu~ says:

    I like the idea of FSM i actually thought about becoming a pastafarian until i saw how heavily bashed other religions are. (this probably isn’t the right place but oh well xD)

    Christine is a sad excuse for a Christian and gives Christians a bad name.

    This isn’t hate this is a general perspective; If most pastafarians didn’t hate other religions so badly i’d be with you guys~

    • Danimal says:


      I take it you must be a stone cold atheist if you want your religion to not bash people who believe something different.

    • Drained and Washed Clean says:

      Not bashing. Stating fact and asking questions which we are allowed to do, and we still have not received acceptable answers to any of it. So, maybe you can give it a shot? Why should religion not be called into question? Why should it not be held to any standard? Why is religion given a pass for all the hatred, death, and torment that it has brought to people for centuries, while those of us who do not believe in a sky being are automatically labeled baby eaters, even though atheism has not been the cause for people to die (unless it was because they were an atheist). Why is religion not held accountable for our slow progression in science, especially in medicine, and refusing to allow science to progress? Why is our Constitution being trampled on as Christianity is trying to take over my country?

      If most religions didn’t have a problem with other faiths, stayed to themselves, and let the world be, I would still think religion is bad for society. When you think something is wrong or flawed you try to fix it. I will not coddle religion so that I don’t offend people. A wake up call is what is needed. Not coddling.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      Tomasu: Research the history of other religions, and the atrocities they’ve committed/ARE committing. Maybe then you’ll join us!

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