spontaneous snow sightings

Published January 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Nikolai spotted the above spontaneous snow sighting and believes it to be proof that the FSM actively promotes Holiday (I agree).

JP spotted this one, nearly at the same time as Nikolai spotted his.

I was delivering pasta for pizza hut and i think it pleased the FSM because he appeared to me in the form of snow on my bumper! i never touched the snow it was just there!

14 Responses to “spontaneous snow sightings”

  1. DavidH says:

    There could be no clearer proof. We don’t need faith, just the evidence of our eyes.

  2. Dominic S says:

    Praise be to Monster. There is no way an unbeliever could explain these sightings.

  3. Shortzmag says:

    Hahaha So it’s true after all? :)

  4. Timegirl4468 says:

    I find that if you look, most large snow flakes look like the FSM. Coinsidence? I think not!

  5. Nikolai says:

    Arr it be seen that ‘is Noodliness be havin’ a good Holiday!

  6. Theo says:

    *snif* beautiful

  7. pinataheart says:

    Hmm… the pinata is sceptical about these things usually, but the pinata cannot deny the fact that these pictures don’t look like they have been doctored in any means, so they MUST be legit!

  8. TellyTelly says:

    How can the hate-mongerers deny His Noodly existence when He sends us proof that He is watching over us?

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