spontaneous snow sightings

Published January 4th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Nikolai spotted the above spontaneous snow sighting and believes it to be proof that the FSM actively promotes Holiday (I agree).

JP spotted this one, nearly at the same time as Nikolai spotted his.

I was delivering pasta for pizza hut and i think it pleased the FSM because he appeared to me in the form of snow on my bumper! i never touched the snow it was just there!

14 Responses to “spontaneous snow sightings”

  1. Steven Wanzell says:

    It’s a goddern meer’cull! Don’t nobudy tuuch it…It’s saaycrid! (This was written by my twin brother. He’s from the Global South.)

  2. Skip says:

    I was Carbolating the other day , Praise be the Sauce, when a passerby dropped a bagel , and THERE IT WAS ! an indentation of the FSM ! I fainted straight away, when I awoke, there was the lightest sprinkling of the Parmesan Sacrament over my rigatoni. I am truly sprinkled !

  3. FrenchFri says:

    soo what day is this? i need to add this to my calender!
    To Him i eat my spagetti with more grace!

  4. Xena says:

    So in other words, facts won’t change your mind.,lucy

  5. Saad says:

    I am sure down the line things mang change,lucy

  6. Laci says:

    it is so useful yeah,lucy

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