Pastafarianism cross drawing

Published January 8th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

This was created by David Armstrong.

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  1. Bazilisk says:

    #24 how can you be here and not have read anything!!! is not serious!
    and the point is that FSM is so credible as an imaginary, invisible all powerfull god, that even if he is invisible he made us like him, but crappy, that got a virgin pregnant, even if she was already married, and made his son die for the errors he made
    and im not saying this is ridiculous, im saying is so credible as FSM

    anyways, i agree with joe (#6), because is pretty offensive (its humorous, yes), and unfortunately, most of the christians or religious that come here have a very bad sense of humor or a total lack of it

  2. Steven Wanzell says:

    Wow! This one hit some nerves! Now, everyone take a deep breath, and repeat after me… It’s… a… J-O-K-E! Those taking any of this site seriously need to check their Noodly Cranials. Those (like me) seeking wreckless mirth at the expense of really stupid people (see Dan Ackroyd’s “Really Stupid Peoples’ Amalgumation”, c. 1975) find the excersize particularly invigorating.

  3. Steven Wanzell says:

    A Noodly Appendage: My earlier comment left out something crucial. As any GOOD joke, therein lies a kernel of vital truth and wisdom, as is certainly the case at this brilliant and poignant site. Praise Nood!

  4. plumberbob says:

    @ 14 – -random person- -,

    @ 24 – gregorio -,

    Why did Jesus kill the Fig tree? Surely somebody was depending on that tree for the fruit. Was it his to kill?


  5. Lasagna_Guru says:

    @ #14
    Most of us have read the bible and still find the cosmic jewish zombie as silly and offensive as you find Pastafarianism. Just remember that when you make comments. Hell, that’s part of the point. You find what we say as totally silly and outrageous, because we think the same of your religion. Sometimes I wish these Christians had a shred or two of common sense…well, I guess there wouldn’t be Christianity if they had that.

  6. Kyle says:

    So this is what sarcastic, avid atheists do in their spare time. How productive. There’s so much god-damned sarcasm on this site that it’s just overkill. I’m sure this FSM thing began as a joke, but it’s turned into completely vindictive drivel. You’re all narcissists; in love with your own ‘amazing’ observational and evaluational skills, and so sure that there is NOTHING beyond what you observe. How could there be? That’s ridiculous, right? A GOD?! Pffft… Well have you ever taken into consideration that maybe we as a species don’t have the observational capacity to ‘know it all’? Dogs can’t even freakin’ see color! They don’t even know that there are electromagnetic waves with differing frequencies, since (supposedly) all they can observe are the varying INTENSITIES of the waves.

    Many of you are living in self-centric universes in which your personal governing motto is “I won’t believe it until I see it!”. And THEN you sometimes go even further than that by mocking people that believe in things that can’t quite be observed as if you have the ultimate answers to everything.

    I believe there are still a s#!tload of things to be discovered in this universe. Some of them you won’t believe at first, and that’s okay. You can’t, and therefore won’t change fundamental reality, no matter what you believe. The only thing you WILL affect is your cognitive reality.

    ‘Seeing’ is relative since it is NOT solely dependent on the physiology of the eye, but also on the individual’s unique patterns of mental cognition.

    So you can state, “I won’t believe it ’till I see it!” all you want. That doesn’t change the fact that you won’t SEE ‘it’ until you BELIEVE ‘it’ (whatever it may be).

  7. plumberbob says:

    @ 30 – Kyle –

    Please explain in detail to us why we should believe in things that we have never been able to sense physiologically or with any instruments. Reference to old books that you probably cannot read is considered fraudulent, and is not acceptable in the discussion.

    Perhaps if you were smart enough to read and follow the directions that were clearly given to you when you entered our site, you would have had your questions answered. After reading the Open Letter and the “About” tab material, you could have learned:

    1) Our mission is the exclusion of religious mythology from the science curricula of public schools.

    2) Our theology is a satire that neither depends on, nor is derivative of any other religion.

    3) We insist that any school board that includes any religious mythology in their science curricula, must also include ours.

    Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
    H. L. Mencken, US editor (1880 – 1956 )

    The attached talk by Dr Andy Thomson tells us how our needs as helpless infants uses the same parts of the brain as our thoughts about the mythology of religion:


    The fears and terrors of the unknown are powerful drivers in our need for superstition.


  8. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Kyle (#30)

    I do love alliteration, even though it’s a “cheap shot” as a figure of speech. “Avid Atheists” could have been expanded to “Avid Atheist Assholes,” thereby adding five points to your rant score. Well, we aren’t all Avid Atheists; some are Abstemious Agnostics, others Contumaceous Christians, and some are even Petulant Pastafarians. Looking back in our archives, you will note that a few of us are even Faithful Followers of the Fugacious Flatulent Farting Chocolate Dude.

    Yeah, we love being smart asses. That’s the fun of this site. If you don’t like it here, we suggest you Eff Off and don’t come back.

    ATSAP REVOL, Your Friendly Neighborhood Narcissist

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