Pastafarianism cross drawing

Published January 8th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

This was created by David Armstrong.

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  1. Prophet Dave says:

    This is awesome David Armstrong. Your detractors are the problem with so called Pastafarians in their current incarnation. This is why we the Cult of Linginus are moving away from the one True Church and creating our own all inclusive church, where there are no boundaries. Nothing is True and everything is permitted. We are the new testament of FSM to the old. Our numbers are growing by the day. Several people have already converted. We have Rum an actual pirate ship for parties and hot wenches! Down with the commercialization of FSM. Please learn more about our movement at
    If you would like to be a beta tester for new schizim religion please friend me.

    The ‘false’ Prophet Dave

    The FSM was a mortal Man made of pasta who dieted for your sins! Let the truth be heard!

  2. pinataheart says:

    Steve of God: Seriously…. blasphemy’s true definition should be: “Something that I really really hate because it goes against what I believe.”
    And FYI… Your expression of beliefs is respected; we cannot say you can’t say your beliefs. But your beliefs themselves need not be respected by anyone. So people can pretty much offend and “blaspheme” all they wish as long as they don’t infringe upon your rights.
    But I think that this does give too much brutality to Pastafanarianism unless he truly is just carrying the sign to the party. I mean I would think that any true and merciful god like the FSM would not conceive a world where his son had to die a gruesome death so that His own anger, holy or not, could be satisfied. I mean any religion would have to be complete barbarians in my opinion to believe such a thing…

  3. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    -random person-

    WOW!! this is like the most offensive thing i have ever seen!!
    — Actually any representation of god is offensive to me. So, we should take all those down too.

    Jesus died for u and all u people do is mock him and spit in his face!!
    — Prove it, and I can’t spit in the face of someone who never existed.

    please if any one is reading this right now know that Jesus is real
    — Prove it.

    and He does love you no matter how much you make fun of him!
    — Prove it. And personally, I think that if there is a god, he has much more of a sense of humor than you give him credit for.

    He wants you to come to him!
    — Tried being a Christian, I feel much better now that I am not a know-it-all bigot.

    find a bible and read the book of John and I think you will realize that He is real and what He has done for you!
    — You mean the book that no one has any idea who the authors were, is so full of contradictions that it is ridiculous, and supports murder, rape, and conquering those who don’t believe as you do? That book? I wish god would take back what he has done, then maybe millions of people wouldn’t have died because they disagreed with the church.

    I will pray for you all
    — Find something more useful to do, like volunteering at Habitat for Humanity.

    And SOG,
    No one cares what you think because you have already proven yourself to be of little intelligence with no idea how to provide facts and proof. Blasphemy only occurs if god exists, and I’m positive that even if a god does exist he would damn you to hell a whole lot faster than any of us here. And I find Christianity highly offensive, so we should put an end to that too, right?

  4. robotulism says:

    While I appreciate the artwork, I also appreciate that the postings on this site are not directly offensive, just passive-aggressively mocking. (I am not including most comments when I say this.) I think we should try for a new one, and give him an eye patch this time!

  5. thesupertramp says:

    I ask for forgiveness from His Noodly Appendage, for I have sinned. I could not resist the spaghetti until 3:16, I ate them at 12:17 instead.

  6. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Thank goodness! At first I thought the link said “Pastafarianism cross DRESSING”.

  7. InternetDog says:


    The sooner mankind is free of religion and ignorance the better off we’ll be. Unfortunately, science requires study and math is hard. Jesus is the Blue Pill.

  8. gregorio says:

    The FSM has totally changed me, i’m glad this website is here. Because, you know what I’ve realized?
    You guys are a bunch of freaking idiots!!! How can you beleive a flying spaghetti monster created the earth? You guys need some SERIOUS help.

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