Published January 11th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

After the Gospel opened my eyes a year or so ago, I had to share the word with my girlfriend. We moved into a new apartment and before long, we spotted a Flying Spaghetti Monster hanging out on our wall. He just sort of hangs there, all day, watching over the place. Sometimes, if it’s been a hard day, we grasp one of his Noodly Appendages and all of our worries fade into his doughy abyss. I swear i’ve seen his Googly Eyes follow me a few times. It’s a miracle if i’ve ever seen one…and I have, and this is that one….it’s self validating. Whoo! Attached is a shot I captured…

— Christopher

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  1. Steven Wanzell says:

    Forget Michealangelo, DaVinci and Caravaggio! This is by far the most tasteful nude (and, Nood, per se) of the post post-post-modern era!
    The undetectably subtle application of chiaroscuro technique to soft sculpture is a revelation. Just looking at It makes me tremble.

  2. Olga loves God not spaghetti says:

    God was not cranky when he gave his one and only son to let uh be saved , and God made noodles to help u get full not to worship ,!!! plus wat has ur noodle done for uh !!!nothin thats wat i thought no if uh dont stop ur foolishness then uh shall burn in hell for internity and even if uh still do worship “it” wat uh think theres spagetti heave fhuk nowat uh eat spaggeti all day seriously noW!!! wat its like uh kan pick an apple and kall it a “god” soo get real dude!!

  3. Keith says:

    Olga: I gather English is not your first language. If it is you have ignored the majority of its rules. Take lessons in spelling and grammar: then come back. I hate the necessity of getting drunk simply in order to read someone’s comments.

  4. Olga loves God not spaghetti says:

    WEll first of all mr kno it all id rather care about how I praise God Not my fukin spelling!Please i would have to get extremlly drunk to actually go and worship ur fukin noodles no wait passed out !!! soo stop wastin time. wat uh think there is spaghetti heaven?!?! and theres spaghetti hell too? and wat does the spaghetti devil look like hugh? burnt spaghetti!!!!????!!!! soo when you die where uh do u think ur gunna goe !!! hugh?

  5. Keith says:

    Wherever I go when I die, I assume I won’t be meeting you. That is some comfort. You are the one who is wating time visiting this site, not I. If you want to frighten people by spewing your vile invective at them, stick to small children. That way you may get the results you want to see.

  6. Drained and Washed Clean says:


    Unfortunately I think English is her first language. So sad. All her teachers should be fired.


    You have no evidence other than the voices in your head. You have no grammatical or logical reasoning skills. You have not proved anything nor have you gained any favors here. You are not smart enough to follow directions or to understand what satire is. Please go back to your hole and leave the educated people to talk. Oh, and I think that you will cease to exist when you die. Your belief in god only makes it easier on you while you are living because you can’t handle that fact.

  7. Danimal says:

    Maybe my standards are off but Olga is so sad as to make me think he/she is a fake troll. It might be possible we are getting burned because Olga’s satire is so close to the truth of all around stupid xtian that we can’t see it. Let’s have a vote

  8. Olga loves God not spaghetti says:

    WEll first of all i am pentecostal and proud to be i have a holy spirit in in which i pray in different tongues and i see visions about an individual’s fate through my prayer weather they need to be saved or something wrong is holding he/she back

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