Published January 11th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

After the Gospel opened my eyes a year or so ago, I had to share the word with my girlfriend. We moved into a new apartment and before long, we spotted a Flying Spaghetti Monster hanging out on our wall. He just sort of hangs there, all day, watching over the place. Sometimes, if it’s been a hard day, we grasp one of his Noodly Appendages and all of our worries fade into his doughy abyss. I swear i’ve seen his Googly Eyes follow me a few times. It’s a miracle if i’ve ever seen one…and I have, and this is that one….it’s self validating. Whoo! Attached is a shot I captured…

— Christopher

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  1. bruceo says:

    the opposite of Minime?

  2. Psycho Winged Fish says:

    Aye, that is so cool!
    I’m gonna get one ^^

    Pasta la vista!

  3. pinataheart says:

    look at that! he is even putting that nail into the wall with his bare noodles! What a kind and humble being he is to give you such help.

  4. SJ says:


  5. Barnacle Jayne says:


  6. Blake Gourdine says:

    do you have down syndrome?????????????????????????????? this religion is retarded. I would love to hear one of you retards talk about your theory about how my DINNER created the world that we live in. and seriously, holding the nail up with his noodle? WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU????!!!! you guys need mental counseling.

    Go to a real church,
    Ben and Donnie

  7. gordon_UK says:

    To Blake Gourdine (AKA Ben and Donnie)

    Real church? Which one of the many religions do you consider real? If you mean Christian would that make Islam fake (or vice verves)?

    Why don’t you show us your indisputable evidence of your ‘god’? Oh that’s right you don’t have any and you’re just going on what some told you and you fell for it without question, by chance are they the same people that told you Father Christmas was real?

    Go to a real school!


  8. pinataheart says:

    @ Blake post #6:
    Sadly if we went to a “real church” they would be teaching us about how something that we have never seen in nature (a deity) created the world. Made us born evil and commanded us to be good at the punishment of eternal torment (sounds like a pretty evil guy to me). Killed his only son just because he was cranky and wanted blood to pay for the wrongs that his creations had done, which he had designed them to do by making them be born evil. And had his zombie son convert people to a cannibalistic vampirical religion that over the course of history has slaughtered millions and produces idiots like you who cannot understand the meaning of “satire”.
    And one may wonder how I know that they are Christian. Well I can’t be sure but they told us to go to church, typical Christian. And the word “church” is typical of Christianity mostly. The Jews have synagogues and other religions have different religious buildings as well.
    Oh and by the way, I don’t need mental counseling, thank you very much, I have overcome my difficulties very well on my own and have accepted these truths that psychology supports but Christians like you reject:
    1. I am a girl inside, despite my body.
    2. Christianity (in the form it is in the majority) is hazardous to the mental and emotional health of everyone involved (especially the kiddies).
    3. Most Christians are irrational and purely emotional so won’t listen to any evidence you throw at them so this is kinda pointless except that it is fun for me.

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