knitted fsm

Published January 15th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I made this FSM for the guys who host the Chariots of Iron podcast. They talked about him in episode 43. I thought you’d like to see how he turned out. He’s hanging out with Cthuhlu in the Charioteers’ Den (aka “The Nerdery”)

— Amanda

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  1. Phyve says:

    Even with volcanoes overflowing, his noodley goodness still enjoys a cold one.

  2. Susie Q says:

    Wonderful! I’ve made a bunch of FSM’s, but never in knitting. How do you do it? I’m so impressed.

  3. maarten says:

    great beer.

    are you from be. ore nl. maybe?

    and of course a gnice peace on the great one

  4. Steven Wanzell says:

    Rejoice! What inspires me most about this most sacred new icon, is how stealthily He manages the ceremonial opening device with only two of His Noodly Appendages. Such amazing grace. I’m trying not to cry, but…

  5. Amanda says:

    His noodley goodness needed to cool down from the heat of the overflowing volcanoes. That’s my favorite beer, so it’s what I had on hand for a photo op. :) I’m originally from Michigan and spent a lot of time sampling beverages at some microbreweries and multitaps while I was in college.

    The pattern for the FSM is from this site (not mine–I just used the instructions there). http://www.historyweaver.org/2008/06/flying-spaghetti-monster.html

    I used “animal eyes” from the craft store to construct his eyes because I didn’t have any clay.

  6. Belgian Girl says:

    #3, indeed Maarten! Very good beer! Our noodly master has a great taste!!
    @Amanda, i love it! I would love to have such a knitted FMS XD

  7. ExMormon Pastrafarian says:

    This is blasphemy and I am extremely offended. How dare you post a picture of my beloved diety, my Creator, my Redeemer with a bottle of the Devil’s drink – beer. I know my beloved FSM would never partake of such a liquid. I suggest you confess your sins to your local Chef and do the recommended 20 Hail Ragus for your sin of defamation.

  8. Timmah! says:

    Definitely good beer. Here’s a question for the unitiated; how do you pronounce that beer’s (Hoegaarden)name? You can easily get the answer if you purchase a 6-pack!

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