Iron Chef sighting

Published January 20th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I was watching a while ago Iron Chef America and suddenly I saw His Noodliness appear in a block of ice. They claimed it was a crab, but I know what I saw and got some screen captures so my fellow church members can see for themselves this miracle.


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  1. robotulism says:

    Funny, I thought the same thing when I saw this episode.
    And what an epic Iron Chef it was.

  2. Triss says:

    The proof is out there!
    Those clumsy claws that somebody scratched on can’t conceal his true identity.
    Good will ulimately triumph, altho the ways of the righteous pirate are hindered on every side!

  3. Martha says:

    I agree with you, this is a miracle!!!

  4. Justine says:

    Sorry to rain on everyone’s parade, but it’s clearly just a crab. His Noodlyness doesn’t have claws.

  5. tris says:

    I’m sorry Justine, but His Noodlyness can have claws if he wants to… that’s all part and parcel of his transcendental power and omnipotent divine nature (you might call it his “omNIPPERtence” in this case!) … so please please don’t incur His holy wrath by forcing him to conform to one nipperless graven image or he’ll come and nipper your nipples… unless you like that sort of thing I suppose!
    PS thanks for the moral support Martha!

  6. tris says:

    PS I know that the proof is in the pudding… but who the heck is Iron Chef? Some kind of automatised hamburger making machine?

  7. her telden says:

    o, nice blog..

  8. Burrowing Gruel Beast says:

    Yesss. Yesss. Believe Justine (post 4)… it is… for the better.
    It is for the better.
    What would you do if you had your silly evidence anyway? It would be utterly useless compared to the sea of doubt that I, er, that naturally exists within intelligent creatures. Yessss. Yesss.

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