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Published January 13th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

Have always been a fan of the site and the FSM church in general. It’s inspired a new piece of mine, called, fittingly enough, Flying Spaghetti Monster. Don’t know if the words in the piece are legible, but they say ‘Prime Mover’. The piece (image is attached) is made out of museum board and basswood, and measures about 30” x 18”.

Tyler Bohm

I don’t know anything about art but I like it. Well done, sir.

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  1. Pope of Owly says:

    Whats that on the picture?
    PS: If you speak german, go to my homepage.

  2. Barbina says:

    Outstanding piece. A great interpretation of our illustrious (and delicious) leader!

    As an artist myself, I always find it curious the question: “How long did it take you to do that?”
    1) Artists are not paid by the hour, like a WalMart cashier. We are compensated for our ideas, our talent, our reputation, the difficulty of production. (The same piece cast in bronze would be much more involved and costly due to process and materials.) My favorite response to that question, “A lifetime” (when asked of Picasso after he drew a wiener dog with a single line.) No one asks a musician, “How long did it take you to write that song?” (They could have hummed it while on the toilet and written it down on toilet paper…doesn’t matter how long it took to write it if the song is great!)
    2) How would an answer to that question be of any possible use to the asker? Is he going to attempt to break your record?
    3) Anything done well looks easy. An ice skater floats effortlessly because no one sees the bruises and blisters it took to get to that point. How many artists’ initial efforts got tossed into the trash bin? Add that time to the successful piece.

    I am not denigrating the previous poster’s question because we have all heard that question asked. My guess is that it is the only question that comes to mind rather than say, “How many levels is it?” or “Did you use a razor knife and/or a router?” or ask to see more of your works.

    Again, exceptional work. Keep on noodling.

  3. Steven Wanzell says:

    To Barbina – I always cringe when I hear that question (which I most often hear from Americans, specifically) and respond, “my whole life, up to and including the piece’s execution, and possibly swathes of past and future lives”. :))) (I have big teeth.)

  4. Mitch says:

    Is it for sale? Email me: [email protected]

  5. gordon_uk says:

    To Barbina

    Or maybe those asking the question are not artist and have no idea it upsets you and are genuinely interested in how long it takes to make something so complex.


  6. chase says:

    hi, very nice job, did you hand make that (i assume yes), because it is very precise almost as if it was drawn in a cad program (like solidworks, or autocad) then cut out, even if that was so (like i said i assume not) ti would have been a fair chalenge to draw up.

  7. trout flag says:

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