I’m not going to go all apeshit

Published January 8th, 2010 by Bobby Henderson

I’m ont going to go all ape shit on you because I’m a firm beliver of people chosing their own religions or lack of one. HOWEVER I do find if ofencive when you make a mockery of other religions, be it christianity, buddhism, judaism, etc. so I think it fair that you respect other people’s belifes and not posting material that INTENTIONALY offends other people,

thank you.

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  1. Baldgorila says:

    I am personaly offended by your intolerence. . Creation is everything no matter what hand/noodle holds the brush. I imagine it must make life hard to become so offended by someone elses choice to excercise their free speech in a way that harms no one. You came to this site to read what was written about the Great FSM. It was not brought to your door nor was it shoved down your throat or given to you on the end of a spear or under the heel of a boot like other faiths would be. What I am saying is the FSM just wants you to Relax eat some pasta and forget about it.


  2. Kyle says:

    Well, I’m not gonna go all ape shit on YOU, because I’m a firm believer in the theory that people like you can and should decide for themselves what they’d like to view on the Internet. As a rule of thumb; If you find and read and comment on a site that offends you so much you’d threaten people with physical violence, you should probably unplug your computer as you’re not responsible enough to control your own surfing.

  3. Gigglestick says:

    Hi Logal,

    You neglected to mention Islam. Ih there a reason for that?


    • Resistors Diode says:

      There are hundreds or even thousands of other religions out there that are not also mentioned. Those that are listed on the post are just some examples or perhaps there’s really another reason.

  4. scott johnson says:

    First of all…LOGAL? Really? Wow. Second of all…Freedom of speach…learn it, live it, love it……it’s a fact of the American life buddy….and we intend on using it

  5. Linguini says:

    I find it offensive the way you made a mockery of the word offensive

  6. Declan says:

    Two things one nice gram er just kidding two we aren’t mocking others beliefs this actually what we believe.

  7. pastafazoo'lah-a-hool'ah says:

    What’s not to like? Logal is promising not to make hominid scat, gorilla-poo or orangadoody- and when people poo when someone expresses an opinion they don’t like, that’s not very polite.
    So, thank you Logal.

  8. pastafazoo'lah-a-hool'ah says:

    I’m going to make my own religion- a whole new one, where people are disinfected from the extraterrestrial bug spirits that are keeping them from manifesting their true potential…
    oh crap, that’s scientology.

    no- i’ll make one where native americans are really the lost tribe of israel, black people are all decended from ham, who was cursed by god for looking at his naked dad (and commenting on the size of his Swanzstucke) and where jesus lives on the planet kolob.
    oh, wait- that’s mormonism.

    I can’t come up with one as weird as the ones that already exist- including the one with the talking snake and the first woman being made out of the first guy’s rib(?), or the one with the blue man with many arms, or the one where there are people made out of fire that look like the rest of us but have vertical eyes (and you’re supposed to avoid those people), or the one where a guy with holes in his feet can still walk on water, or the one where there are several hells (not independently verified), but even the demons are just misguided and sooner or later will figure their bullshit out.

    • Atsap Revol says:

      Hey, Pastafazoo’lah-a-hool’ah, you forgot the Church of the Chocolate Farting Dude. He likes to be demeaned as much as the next god.

      How about a new religion: “The Church of the Sacred Gerbil?” The basic belief of this denomination is that the universe is controlled and powered by the Sacred Gerbil running on an exercise wheel. The end of time will occur when he stops running. To avoid the wrath of the Sacred Gerbil, followers contribute pumpkin seeds and apple slices when the collection plate is passed. Communion wine is dispersed to the faithful through a glass drinking tube.

      Behold, The Almighty and Holy Sacred Gerbil. His will be done.

      May His poo fall abundantly on your head.

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