Reanna’s tree

Published December 18th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson



Above, Reanna’s FSM Tree-Topper.

Send me your FSM Holiday photos, I’ll post them here.

13 Responses to “Reanna’s tree”

  1. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    I like His Noodlyness’s shiny balls :)

  2. Alex says:

    Holy crap. I will buy one of these from you right now. Please make one for me, or show me how!

  3. Wench Nikkiee says:

    You’re a star!
    Creative eye candy talent.

    Happy Holiday

  4. Carys says:

    I am SO impressed by these. Gonna make a noodly decoration for my room this chriFSMas :D

  5. ReRe says:

    I just used a ton of thick off-white yarn, googly eyes, and I colored some styrofoam balls for the meatballs with Sharpies.
    The meatballs don’t look that shiny in my house, it’s just because I used a flash and apparently the sharpie color is very reflective.
    I glued everything together with craft glue, but it took forever to dry. Somehow I’m guessing hot glue would work better and faster.
    How much would you pay me to make you one? ;)
    I do have more googly eyes, yarn, and styrofoam balls.

  6. Michael_L says:

    I LOVE it :D

    Perfect for the double holiday (It is both gift-mas and a friday)

    Might try and get hold of some tube-lights and do it myself…

  7. betmost poker says:

    I tent to be amazed about what art has become over the years. And i hope to see more innovative ideas in the future because it’s fun to see how simple objects can have some other meanings combined with another thing. And the art playground is full on endless possibilities. I’m hoping to see more pics soon.

  8. cognitive dissident says:

    When staring at the gold ribbon atop my tree, I had a vision of FSM! It only needed a few simple modifications to bring His Noodliness to life:

    an impromptu FSM tree topper

    Your FSM has inspired me to do something more elaborate next year!

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