Nativity scene

Published December 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Holy scene

Someone sent me the link to the beautiful nativity scene above but unfortunately I don’t know who the creator is. Let me know if it’s yours.

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  1. cowsharky says:

    My friends, after reading Ange’s words, specifically her challenge that if we are made in FSM’s image why aren’t we spaghettis, I had a revelation.

    We ARE truly made in his image. Thin people are like the spaghetti noodles and fat people are like his meatballs. And the red blood that we all have is clearly inspired by yummy marinara sauce. RAMEN!

  2. plumberbob says:

    @ 37 – A child of God – ,

    As believers feel free to make claims about the way the universe works, then they should be challenged on it.  That’s what happens when you make truth claims.  That your claims are hard to back up is unfortunate. You’re free to believe that the moon is made out of green cheese, but being free to believe that, doesn’t require that other people coddle that delusion.

    Your delusions are not ours to defend, and you do not have the power to force everyone to stop laughing at you, as much as you’d like to be able to do that. And isn’t that what this is really about? That churches want to be able to punish you for disrespecting their sacred craziness?

    You and your fictitious god and your book that you can’t read or understand, seriously overestimate your ability to frighten me.

    It says something about the idiocy of our age that one finds oneself having to come up with new arguments in favor of the thesis that anvils don’t float.


  3. pinataheart says:

    @ plumberbob -47- No thanks. I don’t really care for reading the Bible anymore. I kinda had enough of that for this lifetime, thanks. XD I got all the good stuff out of it: the romantic sounding stories that I probably looked at in a wrong context (I do like the book “Song of Solomon” I believe it is called because of the romanticism.) and (some of) the ethics , which many have pointed out in my philosophy group, are pretty obvious to a rational person anyway.
    But yeah… what I believe now you won’t find in a book, but I still believe there is a Deity.
    As mentioned earlier… I know that there is absolutely no evidence for the existence of that Deity that is measurable, observable, or repeatable in an objective manner, so I will not blame anyone for not believing in the existence of such a being. (Also such a being could not possibly blame you either unless they were bloodthirsty and cruel.) I also know that there is not any objective evidence in the existence of Jesus. And I have no personal experiences with Jesus. So I do NOT believe in Jesus any longer.

  4. Gregorioooooo says:

    you guys are freaking crazy. how can you beleive this crap? i ate your stupid “god” last night. he tasted awesome. and you guys call yourselves pastafarians? you guys are a bunch of freaking nut jobs.

    well bye idiots,

  5. pinataheart says:

    Teh pinata thinks that someone is playing a joke on the pastafarians because there is no way that people would be dumb enough to miss the point, again, say that same line about eating the Flying Spaghetti Monster, again, and call all the pastafarians idiots, another common occurrence.
    Because we know, Gregorio, that all the idiocy here is not because of the noble pastafarians, you must thank those who are the “sponsers” (the causes):
    Intelligent Design
    Forceful Fundamentalist Theists
    and don’t forget (Does the little PBS voice)
    Trolls like you.
    (sarcastically):We thank you for contributing the idiocy to this world. Because if you didn’t, why gosh, we would probably have so many less problems, and we need those problems so that we can have more conflict in our lives, we don’t want it to get too boring trying to achieve our goals and dreams, why, we need people like you to keep making it EVEN HARDER.

  6. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    52 – Gregorioooooo – Jan 25th, 2010
    you guys are freaking crazy.
    — Everyone one the planet is their own kind of crazy. I personally find ordinary boring.

    how can you beleive this crap?
    — Just as easily as Christians believe that an invisible friend created the world and threw people out of paradise because of a talking snake, then killed the world, then had a man swallowed by a large fish, then impregnated himself into a woman who has never had sex and was born a person, turned H2O into alcohol, walked on water, died on a cross, cried out to himself, then went to hell, kicked Satan’s ass, and raised himself from the dead. And to top it all off there is no record of any of these things in Roman records (even though they kept excellent records)!

    i ate your stupid “god” last night. he tasted awesome.
    — HA! You are SO original… Like we have never heard that one before dumbass. But we do appreciate you participating in our communion.

    and you guys call yourselves pastafarians?
    — Yes.

    you guys are a bunch of freaking nut jobs.
    — Why? We are not the ones who believe in a compilation of all the greatest myths in history (Egyptian, Mesopotamian, etc), yet claim the truth to be solely known only to those who believe like we do.

    well bye idiots,
    — Idiots are those who believe without question and eat whatever they are fed. Idiots are also those who will not see that there is the possibility of any other truth. So take a quick look in the mirror before you run around and start calling others idiots.

    — AKA jerkoff who cannot read, follow directions, or understand satire.

  7. Ann Watson says:

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  8. philip-420-kunzee says:

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