Nativity scene

Published December 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Holy scene

Someone sent me the link to the beautiful nativity scene above but unfortunately I don’t know who the creator is. Let me know if it’s yours.

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  1. pinataheart says:

    lol you people act like I just did something amazing. usually people are like: “Shut up pinata! you are a stupid dumby head.”
    But yes, I am quite fond of the ability of people on this site to state their beliefs and trace back how they came to them and and love what you guys are doing, even if it has lots of strong anti-theistic tones, because you are getting people to use their brains instead of giving my psychology adviser at college (I am a psych major) fuel to the fire of the idea that no one has free will at all. A concept which I find confusing beyond all measure and try desperately to understand, but perhaps it is just beyond me. A pinata came to your site all the way from Mississippi to show you that some theists can think.
    @ a child of God: Must you ruin this moment of great joy in the pinata’s heart with your vain words? Truly, they have announced their beliefs and even have evidence of any claims they make. Have you any evidence of any of your claims that is objectively viewable, testable, tryable, in any way? If so present your tests, and it better not be an emotional appeal, or they will tear you apart, or I will in their place if they don’t find you suitable to even bother with. Do you try desperately to speak to a beast, or other being so radically different then you and convert them? It is in vain, that is, selfish pride, that you would even say such a thing, the only result that will come of it is that it will make you feel like you have done something when you have not. You might as well have come in and said that Loki was going to come down and rain chaos upon us all because we have not been following the ways set to us by the Hanged God, Odin. Heck, that probably would have had more effect because they might think that you are joining in their satire.
    @ RAmen: I have seen you about. I like you and many of the others too. And I disagree with many of you. But you are such lovable people that I just want to squeeze and collect you all. Teh pinata plans on staying to do just that, if she won’t be an inconvenience on you all.
    @Drained and Washed Clean who wrote:”I do, however, have to respectfully disagree with you. Along with becoming an atheist, I also have become and anti-theist. I look forward to a world where we have moved past the need for religion. What I would really like is for religion to not have a say in our politics. This country was founded on the basis of religious freedom, and no religion should determine the laws in a country. For example, homosexuality is a huge issue. They are being denied rights to their pursuit of happiness because the Christians do not believe that homosexuality is moral. We are not able to make strides in medicine based on a religious definition of when life begins. A couple of cells should not interfere with the life of a living human being’s, with friends and family, right to live. Look at Iran. A man rules a country based on his interpretation of his religion. It is not a good place to be.”
    ~~The pinata knows what you are saying about the politics thing. I am pro separation of Church and State. It seems to me to be a greater evil to force beliefs, which causes harm to the whole of society, than to allow small, personal things that may not affect society as much. But I do believe that homosexuality is a normal thing, it has been observed in other species than humans in fact, homosexuals should not be labeled as “wrong” or “corrupt” simply because of their sexuality, something which they have no control of in the first place. Of course I have strayed off of my train of thought. The major point is, we should not judge what is right or wrong from one or a collection of holy books, as beautiful as some parts of them seem to me, (that comment probably got me about 4-7 dislikes right there, but hey, some of them have romantic stuff to them that I find beautiful.), but right or wrong should be judged based on what is the best for the human race as a whole. If anyone says that they love humanity, and they disagree with the idea that we should do what is the best for humanity, even if it goes against a particular holy book, then that person does not love humanity. The only thing I am worried about is that, and I am just paranoid and this is why I think this, atheists who are anti-theist sometimes scare me a tiny bit because I think,”Well if I was the only theist left and they wanted to get rid of all theology, would get rid of me? Would they try to force atheism upon me?” But logically I know that it is just the internal emotional outburst of years and years of people here in Mississippi trying to train me to believe that atheists are “the devil”. But you are not bad people. I want to hug you all (all atheists that is) ten thousand times to make up for the misconceptions I once had before about atheists when I was younger.

  2. pinataheart says:

    I just realized. “RAmen” is a spoof on Amen. I thought it was a person’s tag and what someone preferred to be called.
    Please excuse my ignorance, pastafanarians, I knew not what I did.

  3. bee says:

    #37 “may God spagive you”

    Attaboy, that’s the spirit!

  4. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    I personally, pinataheart, find you humorous and articulate. We seem to agree on most things (except the god thing…) :)

    I would debate you, but I wouldn’t make you change your position :) However, I could guarantee you if I was the only atheist left that the theists would try to make me change my position. Everyone has a right to their beliefs, and some just don’t see the beauty of debate and different ideas. It is their way or the highway. Otherwise, do what makes you happy as long as what you are doing doesn’t interfere with another’s rights.


  5. Randall says:

    #11 Ange, You likely won’t see this but in case you do December 25 is not Arbitrary. It was chosen to replace a Pagan ritual just like when they built churches on conquered peoples most spiritual locations as part of the conversion process. And Jesus did exsist. It is just that most of his followers, at the time, were expecting him to lead a revolt and overthrow the Romans. He is in the history books and Hebrew texts outside of Christainity only he is a very minor character.

    Oh, and I loved your link:)

    BTW: Just imagine if we sent plates of Pasta to third world countries rater than bibles and replaced all the “Placed by the Gideons” with Top Ramen. You could go anywhere there is a cheap motel and it would be like room service:)

  6. pinataheart says:

    ~~~~~~~Drained wrote: “I personally, pinataheart, find you humorous and articulate. We seem to agree on most things (except the god thing…) :)”
    Thank you. And I think the same about you and many of the others on here, which is why I am staying and not running off. I love the company of the rational. It is… well… very rare around here. And hey, I understand completely why you wouldn’t agree with me on the God thing. It is a belief that I cannot objectively prove as previously mentioned either here or elsewhere on this site. I forget.

    ~~~~~~~Drained wrote: “I would debate you, but I wouldn’t make you change your position :) However, I could guarantee you if I was the only atheist left that the theists would try to make me change my position. Everyone has a right to their beliefs, and some just don’t see the beauty of debate and different ideas. It is their way or the highway. Otherwise, do what makes you happy as long as what you are doing doesn’t interfere with another’s rights.”
    I’d come to bat for you. And I am sure a lot of my deist buds would too. And if you would debate me that would be great. I love debate. I love the different ideas and opinions of people everywhere. I go to a philosophy group every Friday and it is just awesome. We have a Christian Vegan, a Deist, a Buddhist, a fundamentalist christian, a curious theist who just lost their belief in Christ (me), 5 atheists, and more and more people just keep coming out of the woodwork. These are the kind of people that you would never expect (except the fundamentalist christian) to be in Mississippi. Most of them keep their beliefs secret and hidden. But I have other things to worry about people not liking besides my beliefs so I just share them openly. Not that I have very many. haha. I am kinda confused about what I believe right now.

  7. plumberbob says:

    @ 41 – pinataheart – ,

    Let’s try this experiment: Carefully read the last three chapters of the KJV book of Judges. try to figure out what it means and the message that it is trying to tell you. If you have trouble, take the question to your pastor and have him explain the message to you. When you’ve done that, even if it’s still confusing, come back here, and we’ll discuss the author, his politics, his economic needs, the political situation of the time, and I assure you that it will make much more sense. After that you may see why some of us, when we study the sacred texts as literature, have no more need of an invisible sky daddy.

    Now’s the time to begin to afflict the comfortable, because they have no idea what the book they keep thumping really says. They are shocked by the message of love in the last three chapters of Judges. There are known reasons why the authors and editor wrote as they did, but the men in black robes don’t want the sheep to know about that information.

    The original Hebrew was as political a document as any that has ever been written.. It’s fun to translate, and separate the parts by various authors with their known political and economic positions. Of course there are inconsistencies; with different factions each writing their own versions, and an editor having to join four “sacred” documents none of which could be omitted.

    Goats on fire! Happy Monkey, 2010!


  8. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    37 – A child of God,

    So, this is the “since you don’t believe as I do you have to be crazy” thing, right? There is no other explanation? Perhaps you are the one who is crazy. Here is what you think of our religion. We worship a plate of spaghetti. Here is what I think of your religion. A bunch of people run around thinking that they are better than everyone in the world who doesn’t believe the way they do. They demand allegiance, and they enjoy the idea that anyone who doesn’t supply it will be doomed to eternal torment. You worship an invisible bearded sky daddy who finds it amusing to order his followers to rape, kill, pillage, steal, and for kicks he destroys the world. You also hear voices. Doesn’t that sound crazy? I think so, but I would never come into your place of worship and say those things, as you have obviously done here.

    If you had followed the directions on the home page and read the About tab, you would understand (possibly) that this isn’t a mockery, but you do find it offensive because you don’t understand (and probably wouldn’t agree) with the purpose of this website. However, you should be thankful people like us exist to fight for YOUR religious freedom.

    And no, I don’t think anyone will have to stand before your god. I believe that we cease to exist. I think that scares you. If you really want to find some peace, enjoy your life and be who you are and not a subject to a narcissistic sky daddy who judges your every thought and action. I am a much better person now than I ever was as a Christian because I am no longer a conceited, judgmental person who gets off by “witnessing” (or telling everyone they are wrong). But since you have come to offer such a claim, then please provide the proof to back up any portion of that statement. Shall we start with submitting the facts to support that Jesus EVER existed? That would be great.

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