FSM ornaments

Published December 7th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

nice ornament

This FSM ornament was spotted as #2 on SF Weekly’s Dork the Halls: Nerdy Christmas Tree Ornaments article.

Update: here’s a pattern make your own FSM ornament (shown below).

very nice, also

Send me photos of your ornaments and FSM tree-toppers and I’ll post them up on the site.

9 Responses to “FSM ornaments”

  1. Pirate Queen LaLa says:

    OK Bobby darling, I must insist that you start offering some ornaments. Mark me down for 3 at least.

  2. poopoohead says:

    u lot r fucking mad

  3. Scot says:

    How dare they say it is a “fake deity”!!!
    Last time I checked faith has nothing to do with time so just because it is newer than christianity does not make it any less reputable.
    I don’t see anyone mocking John Smith for his magic plates and magic glasses needed to read those plates yet that religion is accepted and is christian based, oh wait maybe that’s why.

  4. Nikki says:

    Hey I just made an FSM ornament but I’m not sure how to attach a photo…

  5. KLee says:

    At first, this struck me with glee, but then I read the caption they gave the ornament, and they have the gall to insist that the Flying Spaghetti Monster is a fake diety? Bah, abhorrent!

    On a more positive note, that first ornament is kick ass. What is that, needle felting? I need to learn how to do that. Maybe I’ll crochet one…

  6. Ricardo Peña says:


  7. Keith says:

    They are both fine ornaments. The first one gives a solid, dependable teddy bear feel, whereas the second one, with its large anime eyes gives the impression of infinite love. Does that sound too pretentious?

  8. Steven Wanzell says:

    Damn! I am humbled and vanquished as an artist. I’ve sworn off painting and sculpting forever. Oh, the agony!

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