flash mob sighting

Published December 4th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

flash mob

I was in severe need of cheering up today, so I was spending the afternoon watching videos of various performances by flash mobs, when I found this one.

I was feeling much better as I watched and giggled, but then I saw something that made me gasp and pause the video – His Noodliness had appeared in the video! Do you think he was there the whole time, or do you think he altered the video just for me?

Yours in Noddliness,

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  1. happysam says:

    So you’re saying that because a bunch of people are schizophrenic, God exists? What a compelling argument.

  2. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    You are not even smart enough to understand satire and the fact that we do not actually believe in the FSM. The bible is not proof because it was written by sheep herders a couple centuries after the supposed existence of Jesus. Not only that, many of the things in the bible are not proven in history. It would be physically impossible for the earth to stop rotating without completely destroying our atmosphere. The slaughter of the innocents never happened, and the book is full of contradictions. If anything looked like that in science it wouldn’t be accepted. So we will not accept it here. It is a book of fables.

    By the way, a majority of the world thought the world was flat, did that make them right? A majority of the world also thought the sun revolved around the earth and the church was not very nice to people who did not think that. Did that make the concept right? Just because a majority may believe something does not make it true.

  3. David says:

    Olga, the bible came from a collection of people, and many books were ommited. The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster also came from people, so they are just as viable. Also your grammar is terrible.

  4. Pastafarian Johansson says:

    Dear Pastafarian brother Bobby Henderson,

    As a citizen of the by the Noodly Holiness blessed country of Sweden, I noticed that the ship in the image complementing the info on the Pirate Ship Church carries a Swedish flag. Since it looks like a modern photo rather than an old painting, I assume it is the modern replica of the ship “Göteborgh” that in 1745 sank in Gothenburg, Sweden, after its third trip to China. The modern replica returned from its China trip in 2007. Here is more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G%C3%B6theborg_(ship)

    I guess that what the image really shows is irrelevant in the sense that you probably just picked a suitable image – or? In any case, I interpret it as a sign from above that I really do live in the Holy Land (which my branch of the Pastafarian movement believes). This because the Holiness made you pick this particular image, and I now feel the Holy Love of Noodleness deep in my heart. I feel truly blessed, and as a former atheists, In can only pray that all atheists and lost souls of all the world’s phony religions will one day be touched by the Holy One’s Noodly Appendage. Victory for the truth!

    Pasta be with you,
    Pastafarian Johansson (formerly Christian Johansson)

    P.S. I am considering a pilgrimage to Tampere in Finland this summer from where brother Janne according to your “Social Proof” page has submitted evidence of The Holy One’s appearance. Of course, the Holy Noodliness makes his presence known at many locations and in everyday life, but since I am going to Finland anyway, I may take this opportunity to pay my respect. D.S.

  5. Alanthiras says:

    ‘lo Olga, if you’re only 6 then I think you should tell your parents to stop indoctrinating you. And if you’re 16… well then your spelling is terrible even if it’s your second language ^^

  6. Rev. Bootz says:

    Guys you got to understand olga is 6 so she doesnt know any better. She was told by her parents and others that a mystical guy with a beard and white robe plugged a virgin and impregnated her with himself so theat he can just end up dying at 30 on a piece of 2×4. When your young like that you believe anything.

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