One of the best FSM Holiday trees

Published December 19th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

it looks fluffy, i want to touch it

close-up of the FSMornament

He looks great lit up

Above is one of my all-time favorite FSM Holiday displays, created by the Claytons. I was amused by their insight, also:

As has been noted previously in blog discussions, it is possible that Christian usage of the “ball”-type ornament to decorate their holiday trees actually originated as an homage to His divine meatballs and that the garlands or strands of lights used on Christian holiday trees are in fact merely a representation of His noodly appendages. With that in mind, my son Brian and I used white rope lights draped vertically to resemble pasta, and ornament-balls in several meatball-type colors (reds, browns, bronzes).

13 Responses to “One of the best FSM Holiday trees”

  1. Drew says:

    Those are some wonderful decorations. and the Holiday cards were great, too.!

  2. Aaron says:

    “ornament-balls in several meatball-type colors (reds, browns, bronzes).”

    hilarious. I love it. I too have noticed how noodly many of the light strands appear to be, especially on the outdoor trees, shrubs, and circa 1980s-90s satellite dishes where his noodliness can better see the displays in their glory.

  3. Éon says:

    Bobby, I´ve been touched this morning by His Noodly Appendage (Apéndice tallarinesco in Spain. I was preparing a fish for Christmas Eve and I´ve seen His face in the fish. The fish has condimmented me to bluid an Arch and keep in there a once-used toothpick of every person in the world. ¿What should I do?

  4. Luigi Vercotti says:

    Nice tree but – will somebody please get these people some presents!!!

    At least put a couple of bowls of noodles under there.


  5. cake topper says:

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