It was with the utmost regret

Published November 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Sir;
It was with the utmost regret that I stumbled upon your horror religion. Do you not know that G-d will not be mocked? He who gave this world to us and created us in his imagine is surely not one to be insulted this way. You are a false prophet, and if you don not change your ways you will surely come to regret it when you are burning in the fires of hell. My G-d is a loving G-d, but you are sorely tempting him and he has shown the ability to be pushed to far. (Do the towns of Sodom and Gammorah have any meaning to you?)
I will pray for your soul; I only hope it is not to late. Turn your heart to Jesus and let his light fill you up; you will surely see that to worship a dinner item will only lead to eternal ruin/damnation. If you can’t do it for yourself, you should think of those poor pasta believers you have turned away from G-d; surely you will realize that you are going to be held responsible for thier mis-guided souls, as well?
I am sorry if I will be keeping you awake at night with the fears for your eternal soul, but sometimes a person has to be made afraid to understnad their mistake. Why do you think they are called G-d fearing men? Do you really think your bowl of noodles will enspire fear? Hah, you can talk about pirates and pasta all day, but on the day of Judgement I will be glad I am one of the righteous, and not one of the misleaden. I am praying to G-d to heal your ugly heart and commune you to His beauty and His ways. May G-d have mercy on your soul;

What do you guys think – real or fake?

574 Responses to “It was with the utmost regret”

  1. Chasidy Eraso says:

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  2. Improv says:

    Loving god?!
    Have you read the old testament?
    And I certanly hope you’re Israeli because they are the true gods people. The comandements etc. only apply to them if you’ve read the bible at all.

  3. callum says:

    like the spagete monster

  4. Devin says:

    I don’t understand the use of G-d instead of God, but I will accept it as what it is. Anyways, I’d like to ask the long-forgotten Chuck where his proof of the Christian/Jewish God exits? Fossilized Beards? We have the FSM all around us. You only need to be touched by him, and you will see.

  5. Guy ( yes that really is my actual name get over it) says:

    For a strong Christian believer who claims that” I (you ) will pray for your soul; I (you) only hope it is not to late, (personally i think that this is going into levels of extremism ) , boy you do sure need to spell GOD , that’s G(for gigantic man in the sky ) -O ( for obviously you haven’t read the bible fully ( and I can say this because i actually HAVE) a- D ( for dear FSM , this man is truly an idiot) . If you have actually read about your religion ( which it is obvious you have not ,) you would have realised the correct English spelling for God.Furthermore , if you are truly morally , theoretical against this site , why are you prolong yourself to this “heresy” instead of clicking the big x button at the top right hand corner of the screen and putting the whole ONE TRUE RELIGION to the back of you minuscule , under-worked mind ?
    All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster , pasta be upon him ( pbuh)
    Ps. If the FSM (pbuh) in his mighty goodness chooses so ,, later i will add to this response a satirical spoof ( look these words up on goggle definition ) , of the hole ” I’ll pray for you ” letter which I am pleasantly surprised you decided to skip out of your sanctimonious holier-than-thou piece of racist , bigoted ,crude filth

    PPS. Has anyone seen my dictionary ?

  6. Tim says:

    Um jw but wats with the G-D thing and r u morman jw haha =)

  7. moteur énergie libre says:

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  8. peter says:

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