I understand your weak attempt

Published November 20th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Bobby, I understand your weak, (though somewhat humorous) attempt to draw parallel between your alleged FSM and the true Creator, fortunately your doubt does not negate nor prevent His existence.

There is a Bible verse which states that the fervent prayer of a righteous man (one who has chosen to believe in forgiveness and accept eternal life) avails much.

Since you evidently do not believe in the Creator you should have no issue with my prayer for you.

Perhaps He will see that it will require a ‘hitting bottom’ before your mind, soul and ‘heart’ as they say, is open to the possibility and awareness that eternity without this Creator, whom is love, will be an horrible reality.

You are allowed to make your decision either way, but I’m hoping your ears & eyes will be opened to the realization that this 3-dimensional physical apparent reality is so much less than that of the realm of the Living Spirit.

May He be exalted in you, also, and may you find Life.

Bobby, expect the unexpected.
Il Pavarello

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  1. Herr Chops says:

    Did you read back the words that you secreted into that ridiculous, contradictory utterly preposterous message?
    “You are allowed to make your decision either way” –
    Well, how gracious of you to allow people the freedom of choosing where to direct their faith and beliefs. Hang on what’s that?
    “Your doubt does not negate nor prevent his existence”
    So as long as everyone comes to the beliefs that you determine are the right ones, we can all go about our business, share a few beers, have a few laughs.
    I lay forth the following proclamation, which is as reliable as a fucking swiss watch.
    You are completely insane and not in a healthy way.

  2. BK says:

    Yes indeed, the Bible says that faith can move mountains!

    Yet I haven’t seen anyone move a mountain. Or cause a tree to whither by bitching at it. Or curse children so that bears run out of the woods and maul them. If a few of these Bible stories could actually be done by anyone living in modern society without the use of technology, maybe they’d be more believable.

  3. Insightful Ape says:

    JF 152: eh, what? Are you claiming that Jesus existed because the Koran says so?
    The Koran also says that “the sky is about to fall” because of the heresey of the claim that god had a son. Does that make the whole story of immaculate conception bunk? Further, it says that Jesus was never crucified but judas was crucified in his place. So we can get rid if the whole “passion” thing, do you agree?
    Apart from that the Koran also says that Solomon spoke to ants and birds. Are you claiming there is any credibility to that book?

  4. Jesso says:

    152 – JF

    I am an anti-theist dear. I don’t believe that there is any god, and I think the world would be better off without religion. The Qu’ran is just as made up as the bible. I do not consider ancient religious texts to be proof of anything. I look at actual documentation, and there is none in Roman records… Except for this dude Simon who has an oddly similar story to Jesus, but he IS in Roman records. Hmm… Interesting. Why would I find one imaginary friend less silly than another (that is the same, but not).

    I have not attacked anyone for their beliefs in god. I have asked for proof. She has offered none. Asking for proof is not offensive. If it is, then the world is in deep trouble. I don’t go to Christian websites and tell them how silly they are for believing in an imaginary friend (unlike all the “Christians” here); just as I wouldn’t walk into a mosque to say the same thing. However, when religious people (whatever their religion) come here, I will defend my beliefs.

  5. Bazilisk says:

    my bro once wrote on a cd nuke, but it was just a cd

    oh sorry, the bible is magical, and everything that is written there, is true
    because christian ppl says it is based on god

    sooo…. everything that god tells you cannot be said in another way… so the bible, being holy, even if was written by mere humans, only tells the true

    i dont think he understand this, because is not a weak attempt, is a parody, and the best of it, if this could have been done at thousands of years ago, easily this could be so powerfull or more that your religion, but i love this is done on this age, because being the world more conected and not full of stupid people, blood will not be drawn, nor money stolen or asked, as the holy FSM says

  6. gordon_uk says:

    To JF – 152

    Harry Potter is in a lot more books then Jesus, does that make him real?

    PS we are not going up to Christians or Muslims telling them they are wrong they are telling us we are wrong take the original concerned criticism from Il Pavarello.


  7. Pastafarian Leo says:

    @ JF (152)

    “Ok, Jesus is mentioned 25 times in the Quran. He is there as a prophet. There are 2 world wide religions that have Jesus in their books. That proves that he is at least real. Or was real”

    My fucking god!! (It is just an expression, I am not talking about His noodliness!)
    You have proved the historicity of Jebus with another holy book, the Quran!
    Why didn’t people ever think about that marvelous argument?
    So the same argument counts for Harry Potter, because he is in a lot of books, not only two but seven!!!
    When will you people realize that Jebus is a fictional character like Achilles, Moses, Jehova or Hermione Granger?
    May the sauce be with you!


    Pastafarian Leo

  8. plumberbob says:

    @ 152 – JF -,

    There is not one shred of proof for the existence of the Flying Spaghetti Monster; there is equally no evidence for the existence of any other deity. The evidence which we are seeking conforms to the rules of evidence used in the scientific method as to demonstrability, repeatability, testability, and others. All deities, to be proven to exist must conform to the same rules of provability.

    Perhaps if you were smart enough to read and follow the directions that were clearly given to you when you entered our site, you would have had your questions answered. After reading the Open Letter and the “About” tab material, you could have learned:

    1) Our mission is the exclusion of religious mythology from the science curricula of public schools.

    2) Our theology is a satire that neither depends on, nor is derivative of any other religion.

    3) We insist that any school board that includes any religious mythology in their science curricula, must also include ours.

    The attached talk by Dr Andy Thomson tells us how our needs as helpless infants uses the same parts of the brain as our thoughts about the mythology of religion:


    The fears and terrors of the unknown are powerful drivers in our need for superstition.

    Ridicule is the only weapon which can be used against unintelligible propositions. Ideas must be distinct before reason can act upon them
    — Thomas Jefferson


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