I hadn’t even heard of this religion

Published November 6th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I hadn’t even heard of this religion until my teacher mentioned it. I didn’t believe him until I looked it up. I’ve heard about weird alien religions and knew people believed in them, but this? I thought it was a joke. I read your ‘evidence’ and frankly, that wasn’t evidence. There is no proof, they didn’t say there was proof, and you’re not good at defending your faith if you include hate mail on your website. I find it very funny that you’re Spaghetti Bible or whatever won the COMEDY award. That shows what a big joke it is to other people. Can you even pull out proof that there ever was a Spaghetti Monster god? Like, fossilized noodles or something? No. Spaghetti is only a few centuries old, there can’t possibly be a god made of something that a human created, when supposidly the spaghetti created humans. This religion makes no sense. I think that if you belong to this church, you should evaluate what they’re teaching. That a giant ball of noodles somehow created the world. How can a pile of limp noodles even move? It can’t. If you belong to this, I’m sorry, but whoever created this website made it possible for people to comment on it, so I am. This is a brainless, hilarious religion, and I wouldn’t convert because frankly, I don’t believe that food created this world, or people. Too far-fetched and stupid.

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  1. morgan says:

    its just a man made idea that we created noodles and pasta.
    it has been there since the dawn of the universe,
    pasta is only made in the image of the real spaghetti monster wich is far more complex than mere pasta

  2. Brad Sherwood says:

    I don’t think that this kid read the letter to the Kansas School Board. Also it’s kind of funny how he criticizes us for being critical. Plus he thinks deeply about how our religion is fake, but never even thinks about how weird it is that(assuming he is Christian) Jesus came back to life. These dudes never cease to amaze me.

  3. mast cells says:

    I agree completely, its no wonder people just dont get it. In this day and age its imperative. Lets exchange links http://mastcell.net

  4. hokey pokey says:

    LOL does this person not realize this was only created cuz of that Kansas school board situation? may the sauce be with you all , R’Amen :)

  5. ur mum says:

    i hate the spagete monster it sucks bulls play call of duty with your time the end

    • Zuri says:

      You must be on crack.

  6. ur mum says:

    evry 1 is an ass hole who wants 2 like this italion gey web site play call of duty u sad freaks ur mums gay bob henderson

    • Matt Thomas says:

      Well, good sir, you are wrong. Simply wrong.

      • Spammyboy says:

        I assume, of course, you refer to his existence rather than his point.

  7. ur mum says:

    who ever likes the gay monster like if u hate the spagete monster good idea down the drain matt thomas is gay he likes this

    • Improv says:

      Did that make sense to anyone?

      • ur mum says:

        shut up

      • Matt thomas says:

        Hes talking about me

    • plumberbob says:

      @ ur mum ,

      It sounds like you have neither read nor understood the Open Letter to which you’ve been directed when you first came to our website.

      Christianity is a disease, and for uneducated morons it’s almost always incurable.
      — Human Ape
      Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.
      John F Kennedy

      Perhaps if you were smart enough to read and follow the directions that were clearly given to you when you entered our site, you would have had your questions answered. After reading the Open Letter and the “About” tab material, you could have learned:
      1) Our mission is the exclusion of religious mythology from the science curricula of public schools.
      2) Our theology is a satire that neither depends on, nor is derivative of any other religion.
      3) We insist that any school board that includes any religious mythology in their science curricula, must also include ours.

      Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public.
      H. L. Mencken
      US editor (1880 – 1956 )

      I propose a new rule: from now on, anyone who worships a dude who spent His entire adult life hanging out with a dozen other guys, was known to be kissed by them and wash their feet, and is frequently portrayed in a nearly-nude S&M glamour shot, isn’t allowed to have a problem with gay people.
      Sound fair?


  8. ur mum says:

    OpTiC preadeter im on you tube

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