I hadn’t even heard of this religion

Published November 6th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I hadn’t even heard of this religion until my teacher mentioned it. I didn’t believe him until I looked it up. I’ve heard about weird alien religions and knew people believed in them, but this? I thought it was a joke. I read your ‘evidence’ and frankly, that wasn’t evidence. There is no proof, they didn’t say there was proof, and you’re not good at defending your faith if you include hate mail on your website. I find it very funny that you’re Spaghetti Bible or whatever won the COMEDY award. That shows what a big joke it is to other people. Can you even pull out proof that there ever was a Spaghetti Monster god? Like, fossilized noodles or something? No. Spaghetti is only a few centuries old, there can’t possibly be a god made of something that a human created, when supposidly the spaghetti created humans. This religion makes no sense. I think that if you belong to this church, you should evaluate what they’re teaching. That a giant ball of noodles somehow created the world. How can a pile of limp noodles even move? It can’t. If you belong to this, I’m sorry, but whoever created this website made it possible for people to comment on it, so I am. This is a brainless, hilarious religion, and I wouldn’t convert because frankly, I don’t believe that food created this world, or people. Too far-fetched and stupid.

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  1. Otto says:

    I almost died laughing reading this comment. My face is all red now and I have to see a client now. Oh, boy. Too funny.

    Pasta forever.

  2. Jen says:

    Awww, honey, thats so sweet, you are going to be a rocket scientist when you grow up, huh?

  3. charles says:

    This is great! Guys, don’t you see it? This guy doesn’t believe in god at all. He is just being funny, I show you: Take every time he says FSM and change it for Cristian God.

  4. Matt says:

    “I hadn’t even heard of this religion until my TEACHER mentioned it.”

    His noodliness be praised, the true story of how we all came to be is finally be taught to our youth.

    Also, the good FSM blessed us by teaching us how to make pasta so that we may eat of him, and be blessed and filled by his tastiness. Not unlike communion to Christians and Catholics. Wednesday is Prince Spaghetti Monster night, and thus we partake.


  5. Bob says:

    This is just pathetic. Unless this is an eight-year-old. It’s like watching someone on fire with a hose in his hand and no clue what to do with it.

    Kid, substitute your choice of god(s), fairies, Santa Claus for “spaghetti” in your own letter and you’ve got it.

    If you find you cannot move beyond concrete thinking, consider a career in the military.


  6. banana says:

    Id love for you to find me some fossilized evidence of God.

  7. Jen says:

    Another individual who missed the point entirely. Go back to school dear, I think you’re missing something.

  8. Seyton says:

    People have so many issues…..I miss common sense, it’s such a rariety these days.

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