Halloween roundup

Published November 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Please keep sending me your photos, I’ll post them here.

Kyle and his Pirate Fish pumpkin

Billy's pumpkin
Billy’s pumpkin

Domenico's pumpkin
Domenico’s pumpkin

Jeff's pumpkin
Jeff’s pumpkin

Kevin and his pumpkin
Kevin and his pumpkin

Kevin's pumpkin - closeup
Kevin’s pumpkin, close-up

Mark's pumpkins
Mark’s pumpkin

Mike's pumpkin
Mike’s pumpkin

Mike A's pumpkin
Mike A’s pumpkin

Richard's pumpkin
Richard’s pumpkin

Timothy's pumpkin.  Please note the careful editing work I did to preserve the hooters ad.
Timothy’s pumpkin.

Troy's pumpkin
Troy’s pumpkin

Dana'a costume
Dana’s costume

My Halloween costume this year was a roaring success! Walking from unenlightened home to home, I did my pastafarian duty by spreading the word of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to those with closed ears. “Blessed art thou, touched by His Noodly Appendage!” (Articulated noodles were a real boon.) I realize that preachers must wear full pirate regalia, but I hope an exception can be made when instead one appears in all the splendor of His Noodliness. Or perhaps it is sacrilegious and I should walk the plank!

This one was anonymously sent in.

5 Responses to “Halloween roundup”

  1. shley says:


    her noodliness?

  2. Jean Marie says:



    I am touching that dog with my NOODLY APPENDAGE….

  3. Stefan says:

    I like the 11th photo down in the Halloween roundup. The newspaper clearly shows the word ‘HOOTERS’, appropriately accompanied by a picture of a supple set of jugs. This is an obvious reference to the strippers in heaven. Irrefutable proof that His Noodlyness truly is divine. Lets see you answer that one, skeptics!

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