This is just… wow

Published October 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is just…… This is dumber then Budha. You know how hard that is? asshole. While I agree that pirates rule, I also agree FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!. Sorry. Random thought. I have them somtimes. Anyway, this kinda sucks. Like, I know people who worship some pretty fucking stupid things (i.e. Jesus, Allah, Robert De Niro) but this takes the cake, and eats it too. I’m amazed at the stupidity of your mom. She should have pushed herself down the stairs when her and your father procreated. You can’t arrest gravity, right? Do pastafariuns believe in gravity, or is it gravey or somthing like that? anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
yours truely, The TOM!

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  1. Justice says:

    i lol’d until ramen came out of my nose.
    all hail His Noodlyness,

  2. stevedave says:

    gravity is just a theory…

  3. Blackbeard says:

    ‘anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!’ Nice argument Tom. Do you put in time towards thinking, or do you just spew any random shit that comes to your tiny mind? there’s something called sarcasm, it was invented a long time ago, and I’m sure that you might be able to figure out what it is… If you try. Good luck.


  4. DarthFennec says:

    This is the stupidest religion you’ve ever seen? Obviously this guy has something against meatballs or something … he’s probably PETA, it sounds as disjointed and pointless as most of their arguments. Sorry, I couldn’t help it. I don’t know why your bringing up my mother, but on the subject of gravity, there is a theory called Intelligent Falling, you should Google it sometime.

  5. YoJembo says:

    Old TOM’s lucky His Noodliness (pbhn) is all forgiving. Perhaps if he gives this site a proper looking over he will touched by His Holy Durum Appendage and realise his foolishness, otherwise it’s only stale beer and diseased strippers in heaven for him, and no ride in the Celestial Pirateship either.

    Praise the FSM (pbhn) and His Infinite Invisibleness and give thanks for His Intergalactic Teapot.


  6. Devin says:

    Well gravity is just the FSM pushing us down with his appendages. And also, Budhists are the second most peaceful religion[CITATION NEEDED](ours is first!)…Sorry, random thought that I had to write out because I need to draw more attention to myself.

  7. Amadeus says:

    Robert De Niro makes US$14 million on average per movie. Now, tell me, you ignorant piece of trash, what the fuck have you accomplished? And what kind of egomaniacal piece of shit signs themself with a “the” in front of their name? Go take your Ritalin. And pay more attention in English class, child. Sentences don’t start with “Like,” and and your spelling and grammar are atrocious. It’s truly not “truely,” Buddha not “Budha,” and words do, in fact, start with capitalizations at the beggining of a sentence. By the way, Buddha wasn’t stupid. He inspired millions of people to seek enlightenment of the soul as well as the mind, and to take the higher path towards goodness. You, on the other hand, have inspired 200 people to tell you to fuck yourself. And to say the idea of Buddha is stupid is both ignorant and stupid itself. Historically, he existed, just like Jesus. It’s a fact. They were real people. Pay attention in school. You might learn something.

    • Thomas L. Nielsen says:

      “Historically, he existed, just like Jesus. It’s a fact. They were real people.”

      And the evidence for Jesus being an actual, real, historical person is……???

      Regards & all, and rAmen,

      Thomas L. Nielsen

  8. Dante Lista says:

    For one, I used to be a Buddhist (I am 11 too XD) and I still accept it and even meditate alot! Two, this “gravity” you speak of is but a myth. See, there is no gravity, His Noodlyness holds us all down with his appendages. The actual touching of someone with His Noodly Appendage is through the Appendages that he specifically reserves for noodly enlightenment! So, The “TIGERTIT” get your facts right.

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