This is just… wow

Published October 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is just…… This is dumber then Budha. You know how hard that is? asshole. While I agree that pirates rule, I also agree FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!. Sorry. Random thought. I have them somtimes. Anyway, this kinda sucks. Like, I know people who worship some pretty fucking stupid things (i.e. Jesus, Allah, Robert De Niro) but this takes the cake, and eats it too. I’m amazed at the stupidity of your mom. She should have pushed herself down the stairs when her and your father procreated. You can’t arrest gravity, right? Do pastafariuns believe in gravity, or is it gravey or somthing like that? anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
yours truely, The TOM!

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  1. Nameless(: says:

    He can’t even spell Buddha?

  2. I'm Brian and so's my wife. says:

    Look, this guy is a tool, but, I’m really disappointed at so many people here defending Buddhism. What a complete cop out. Saying that Buddhism is more intelligent than other religions, is like saying horse-shit is better than bullshit.

    Re-incarnation and Nirvana, are no more or less stupid myths than heaven, hell or stripper factories. Athough the stripper factory is real.

  3. UUniversal Love says:

    #178 I’m Brian and so’s my wife

    Wait a minute now, because Budhism has been around 500 years longer than Christianity. It’s had time to expand beyond superstition. So that Zen in particular is secular; its entirely about practice, not theology. There are hundreds of dharmas now (recognized ones, because truthfully everyone has a slightly different philosophy) and saying what you have said is a lot like comparing Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy of Jesus to Oral Roberts’s.

  4. pinataheart says:

    Well based upon the Law of Conservation of Matter and the Law of Conservation of Energy, you really can’t say that reincarnation doesn’t happen, it tends to prove that, in a basic sense, yeah, reincarnation is undeniable. But not in the spiritual, your-soul-is-in-that kind of way. But your matter and your energy will pass on regardless. Even though your consciousness will end, which, from what I heard from the Buddhists, is the ultimate goal of some sects of the Buddhists; to become one with the universe at the cost of their own consciousness, and you can’t deny that their consciousness ends upon death, and their energy and matter is recycled. Other than that, the deep meditation and stuff is really healthy psychologically if done right and can also allow greater control of body and brain functions than others typically have (but it doesn’t have to be Buddhist style meditation either. Deep self-hypnosis can do the same thing…)

  5. I’m Brian and so’s my wife says:

    @ 179 – UUniversal Love

    Longevity of a religion is completely irrelevant. That argument is constantly used by Christians. “Christianity has been around for thousands of years, so it can’t be wrong”. Bollocks, yes it can. The creation myth has been around for millenia in various forms, but Darwin’s theory less than two hundred. Which, based on evidence, (which is the whole bloody point of Bobby’s letter in the first place) is more likely to be right?

    There is absolutely no scientific proof behind the core beliefs of Buddhism. Just because it mirrors secular philisophical beliefs more closely than Christianity, doesn’t make it any more true in an objective sense.

    The whole point of this website and the pastafarian movement (aside from poking fun at religion) is to keep reigion out of the science classroom. That includes Buddhism.

  6. Spaghetti Monster says:

    Remember Dawins theory is only THEORY, it could be just as accurate as Hendersons version of events. Neo-dawinism is a development of Dawins theory which is generally overlooked in schools (at least in Australia) however the majority of Universities and museums have adopted the newer explanation of evolution.

    And The TOM, i take it you didnt understand the irony of Hendersons letter lol.

    May his sausiness fill your belly with his delicious balls


  7. anakin skyramen says:

    i think the bit that sets it off quite nicely is when he refers to himself as “the TOM”. not just the tom, no, thats not enough, he’s “the TOM”. I think capital letters are where he derives his powers of spasticity and general lack of sense and ability to detect satire

  8. Keith says:

    I wonder if he emphasises the Tom bit because he scratches a lot? Does he also mark his territory by spraying a revolting smell on everything he owns? If so, what other unsavoury activities does he indulge in? I must admit my mind boggles at the thought.

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