This is just… wow

Published October 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is just…… This is dumber then Budha. You know how hard that is? asshole. While I agree that pirates rule, I also agree FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!. Sorry. Random thought. I have them somtimes. Anyway, this kinda sucks. Like, I know people who worship some pretty fucking stupid things (i.e. Jesus, Allah, Robert De Niro) but this takes the cake, and eats it too. I’m amazed at the stupidity of your mom. She should have pushed herself down the stairs when her and your father procreated. You can’t arrest gravity, right? Do pastafariuns believe in gravity, or is it gravey or somthing like that? anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
yours truely, The TOM!

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  1. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Tom – check out Toph’s post at #167. You’ve just got OWNED by an 11 year old!

  2. Logan says:

    Uh…. Buddha was real. Research before you make yourself look like a dumbass. Just becaseu you are one doesn’t mean you have to shout it out.

  3. Pastafarian Convert says:

    Well, I’ve learned that apparently I need to be aborted for having the mental capacity to maintain a single train of thought and also question whether or not I want a religious theory taught in my science class.

    Also, the term “asshole” is not used to measure a degree of difficulty.

  4. Melissa says:

    Well, we can see how religiously tolerant YOU are.

  5. Tied Angel says:

    Budah… add a little garlic and some shrimp and we have scampi

    *bow head* may his noodly appendage accept this offering of shrimp scampi

    anyway… yeah this kid makes fun of himself enough I kinda want to give him a gold star just for being able to turn on his computer… Maybe he has turrets in his fingers… you know like: FUCK YOUR HARRY BALLS…

    *bow head* may his noodlyness forgive my blatant disregard of those with turrets syndrome

    The *Fallen*

  6. Daniel says:

    I think “The TOM” has the one of the funniest hate messages of all time. He sounds like a drunk 15 year old girl from southern California. Truly a worthless human being.

  7. Dave says:

    This guy, is so stupid and so obviously the target of athiest jokes, that its not even worth replying to on any sort of level. I hope he gets some intelligence, obviously His Noodilness needs to give him some more.

  8. Destrii says:

    My dear god. This guy probably wins 3rd best hate mail (well, when I say “best”, I mean “made me laugh the most) on the whole site, after Jeffery Hazelwood and the infamous Cody.

    The best bit is, even if he’s over, say, 18, he’s made a brilliant job of making himself sound like an uneducated and bigoted seven-year-old. For instance, how some sentences start with capital letters, but how he gave up on them after a while – that actually makes it look like he’s trying his hardest. Maybe His Noodlyness, in a drunken stupor, forgot to bless him with sufficient intelligence to spell “Buddha” properly.

    Or maybe His Noodlyness, having recognised that in the future Tom would reject him, denied him the brainpower anyway. We may never know.


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