This is just… wow

Published October 23rd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is just…… This is dumber then Budha. You know how hard that is? asshole. While I agree that pirates rule, I also agree FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!. Sorry. Random thought. I have them somtimes. Anyway, this kinda sucks. Like, I know people who worship some pretty fucking stupid things (i.e. Jesus, Allah, Robert De Niro) but this takes the cake, and eats it too. I’m amazed at the stupidity of your mom. She should have pushed herself down the stairs when her and your father procreated. You can’t arrest gravity, right? Do pastafariuns believe in gravity, or is it gravey or somthing like that? anyway, what was I saying? oh yeah, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!
yours truely, The TOM!

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  1. Siobhan McGrath (don't try to pronounce) says:

    First off Buddha was a real person. Second, you have no right to just come barging into other peoples religions just because your a fucking ATHEIST.

  2. An Avid Nonbeliever says:

    “Do pastafariuns believe in gravity, or is it gravey or somthing like that? ”

    Hahaha best.

  3. Madeleine says:

    Hello Tom,
    Why exactly “fuck us”? Is it because we apparently ‘mock’ religion? You just mocked Jesus and Budha. You have no reason to say those things to us. You do not have to read our website or gospel, you don’t have to even think about us. We mind our own buisness and I think you are a crazy mofo.

  4. Evan says:

    And I think that all the ignorant Buddhist think the same of you.

  5. Siddhartha#2 says:

    Since when is Buddha stupid? Even if he believed in the whole “reincarnation” bull, he had some pretty good ideas about peace and stuff.

  6. Harrison Ford says:

    YAY! Another person who cannot take change. Comments like yours put smiles on my face. :) I appreciate that you have the opinion that I may not have an opinion. (Do you see how that works?). Now, I want you to look at your life objectively. You are seriously on a website, telling people to F*** themselves. I’m supposing that you are an atheist. This will make it easy, I am an atheist too. Jesus Christ once said that we should be nice to each other and so, got stoned to death. I know that I left out some information, but bear with me. Now, apparently, he came back to life. Now you don’t believe this, so how am I or any of the Pastafarians insulting you? Do you walk into Synagogues and yell “This is just…… This is dumber then Budha. You know how hard that is? F*** YOU!!!!!!!!.”? I didn’t think so. The live and let live, die and let die, eat and let eat… need I go on?
    Keep Smiling! :) :) :) :( (don’t be the last one)

  7. Toph says:

    I’m an 11 year old Buddhist, I find FSM very funny, I’m an atheist, and I would like to get some facts straight with you.

    1) You spelt Buddha wrong.
    2) Buddha WAS real,
    3) Buddha was not a God, he was human.
    4) We dont worship Buddha, We just respect him and follow his path.

    You are a very ignorant bastard, and next time you call someone “dumb” learn how to spell, also next time you judge a religion do some research on it first.

    Love Jade.

  8. mr stephen says:

    actually a fucking funny letter… but still… if he is serious, he is a fail, and his oppinion should not be respected.

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