The village called

Published October 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

The village called, they want the dumb fuck back.

You and your rediculous religion that involves a flying spaghetti monster is freaking retarded. did you smoke some seriously strong dope, possibly eat some shrooms you thought we’re candy? I have to say i’ve met alot of stupid people with even MORE stupid ideals, but you take the cake.

I think some of the dur duh durs could make a better religion then you from a violated underage teen and a wine bottle. there is no end to the idiocracy of your ideals.

Im not gonna come after you with my ideals as a christian, I won’t come after you with my logic, hell I won’t even come after you with a bat. People like you aren’t even worth the time to even get the shit beat out of them.I mean…,what kind of person has time in their day to piss off the catholics, and ruin the lives of others? your stupid fuck with retard ideals.

I hope that someone castrates you, beats the shit out of you, puts you in a tightly tied sack in the middle of the road and a dozen semi’s run you over repeatedly, and to top it off, a dog taking a shit on your chest like you we’re a cheap whore. I absolutely can’t believe that ignorant bastards like you can get away with creating bunk religions like this.

I had more genius come out my friends ass then from your brain.obviously your parents didn’t love you, dropped you on your head, and didn’t pay the life support and you ended up turning into this kind of retarded goofy fuck.

I mean, to have 2 dee parents to make you dee duh dee doesn’t give you an excuse to go make a crap religion just so you can make a quick buck off the merchandise and to brainwash followers for whatever reason you needed an assload of retards as followers for.>_>

Hope you die, and have a nice day.

-Jeffery Hazelwood
Fuck you.

I bolded a few parts.

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  2. just a rando says:

    I’m so concerned about this kid… Love the contradicions.

    Also sidenote: this kid has the same name as one who recently shot 2 people… Coincidence or are they the same person?

  3. SCUBAsabre says:

    Wow… I am shocked at the level of vitriol and aggression from supposedly “religious” people. The thing that pings for me on this is guys email (and all the Hate Mail I have read on your site so far) is the the stunningly arrogant idea that the author has the “right” to not be offiended yet these same religions and followers heap judgements and anger galore. Apparently, it is only the author, and those who believe as they do, that are entitled to unchallenged right to “not be offiended” while all others are not entitled to that. Furthermore, the notion that the authors get to TELL another religion they are not “real” while insisting that no challenge to their own (Christianity mostly in teh posts I’ve seen) is viable – yet no proof of either. Finally, the notion of demanding “proof” without specifiying what it is that is considered proof though we know he doesn’t consider peer reviews an option :). WOW… I am not a member Pastafarian but I could be.. just on principal. In fact, as of now I am both a Pastafarian and Agnostic/ Athiest/ Humanist (depending upon when you talk to me)! These Hate Mail people clearly aren’t treating others as they expect to be treated nor how their own tenents outline… Things that make you, Hmmmm???????

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