The village called

Published October 2nd, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

The village called, they want the dumb fuck back.

You and your rediculous religion that involves a flying spaghetti monster is freaking retarded. did you smoke some seriously strong dope, possibly eat some shrooms you thought we’re candy? I have to say i’ve met alot of stupid people with even MORE stupid ideals, but you take the cake.

I think some of the dur duh durs could make a better religion then you from a violated underage teen and a wine bottle. there is no end to the idiocracy of your ideals.

Im not gonna come after you with my ideals as a christian, I won’t come after you with my logic, hell I won’t even come after you with a bat. People like you aren’t even worth the time to even get the shit beat out of them.I mean…,what kind of person has time in their day to piss off the catholics, and ruin the lives of others? your stupid fuck with retard ideals.

I hope that someone castrates you, beats the shit out of you, puts you in a tightly tied sack in the middle of the road and a dozen semi’s run you over repeatedly, and to top it off, a dog taking a shit on your chest like you we’re a cheap whore. I absolutely can’t believe that ignorant bastards like you can get away with creating bunk religions like this.

I had more genius come out my friends ass then from your brain.obviously your parents didn’t love you, dropped you on your head, and didn’t pay the life support and you ended up turning into this kind of retarded goofy fuck.

I mean, to have 2 dee parents to make you dee duh dee doesn’t give you an excuse to go make a crap religion just so you can make a quick buck off the merchandise and to brainwash followers for whatever reason you needed an assload of retards as followers for.>_>

Hope you die, and have a nice day.

-Jeffery Hazelwood
Fuck you.

I bolded a few parts.

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  1. Keith says:

    *296: Ponyboy – I would say that your abuse of language is sinful. I don’t see how anyone can belate a religion but it is quite possible to berate one.

  2. plumberbob says:

    @ 296 – Ponyboy – ,

    This is our website, and we are fully justified in defending our cause. It is the exclusion of religious mythology from public school science curricula. Our theology is satire that depends on and
    demeans no other faith or religion. You have the unmitigated gall to come here with you abominable spelling and your atrocious grammar to try to preach, and all you are doing is demonstrating your boundless ignorance.

    Let me make sure that I understand you properly. Is this what you mean?
    CHRISTIANITY: the belief that a cosmic Jewish zombie will give you eternal life if you drink his blood and eat his flesh and telepathically tell him he’s your master, all because some rib women was convinced by a talking snake to eat from a magical tree.

    If our “…use of language is a sin.”, please come back and explain why ours is, and yours is not.

    belate: to retard or make late. :delay
    deminish: ?. Do you mean “diminish”?
    tink: The sound of a light object striking against a resonant metal.
    “Folowers”: (What word is this that it’s so important that you’ve capitalized it and put it in quotes?)


  3. Drained and Washed Clean says:


    Maybe that is why I have such a potty mouth!!! I finally understand!!! :)

  4. Pans Narrans says:

    I may not be the first to point this out, but the phrase is ‘village idiot’. Not ‘dumb fuck’.

  5. gordon_uk says:

    To Ponyboy

    You said “Christianity does not teach to belate other religions” but it does advocate stoning “followers” of other religions.

    Get your house in order before telling us if we are right or wrong in what we do!


    • Traze says:

      Gordon_uk,don’t forget the part in the Bible where God orders a man (and a believer at that) stoned to death simply because he was gathering firewood on the Sabbath.

      Don’t get me wrong,I’m a Christian and I believe in God myself,but people like the person who sent this email just…okay forget being kind,his stupidity level is off the charts and he gives religion a bad name.
      Also,I’m not gonna deny that religion has caused tons of death and destruction,ALL of the major religions have killed at least a minimum of 2000 people and 95% of the time much more,except for maybe Buddhists.

      All these “Christians” trying to disprove evolution,get religion into schools and law,etc are a waste of time and space.Just because we believe in something doesn’t mean we should force it on people,though some of my fellow Christians probably disagree.

      Personally,I find the FSM one of the funniest things I have ever seen,and while it was intended as a joke used for an argument against “Intelligent Design” (A concept I find stupid,about time somebody mocked it!),the reactions from people who thinks it’s real and the fact that it does actually bring up quite a few good points made it all the more funny.I wish the best of luck to the Church of the FSM,about time someone finally began to sort out those idiots!

      Also,and even though as I Christian I hate to say this,but there’s more proof that Bigfoot,Ghosts,and UFOs/Aliens exist than there is proof God exists.(I personally believe all 4 exist,though God is the only one I’m ever going to worship)

      Finally,this is just my opinion,but do you wanna know the REAL reason people have religions and believe in them?
      It provides comfort and reassurance.

      Humans have had emotional,mental,and physical problems and stress throughout their life,no matter if it’s the modern day or during the Stone Age.Whenever you pray,you feel comfort,no what god/goddess/being/person/ your praying to.People needed something to comfort and reassure them,so religion was born.This wasn’t enough for some,and so they began to discriminate against people because of their skin color (racism),their gender (sexism),their sexual preference (homophobia),and even hurt and tease each other.(Bullying)All of these contribute to feeling superior,which doubles as both comfort and reassurance.

      When you punch someone who insulted and harrased you countless times,AND AS MUCH AS YOU TRY TO DENY IT AND HATE TO ADMIT IT,you still feel “good” inside,though you will never tell anyone this.You don’t want to sound like a bully or an evil person,you don’t want to make yourself think your a bad person,so you lie to yourself and everyone else,even though you know the truth.

      Feeling “good” inside and the pursuit of it is the source of all conflict.

      • Traze says:

        Also in the hate mail….

        “have 2 dee parents”
        This guy’s parents were 2D/2 Dimensional?

      • Atsap Revol says:

        I gave you a thumbs up Traze. You came to our website, didn’t swear at us or condemn us to eternal hell. You recognize the fallacy of much religious dogma and mythology. You support the non-incorporation of teaching “Intelligent Design” in science classes. You are giving Christians a good name.

        You seem to have a sound mind, but now comes the question: how come you believe in UFO’s, Bigfoot, Ghosts, and Space Aliens? What about Santa Claus, The Tooth Fairy, and The Easter Bunny? Faith is a risky and non-ending enterprise.

      • The Religious are scared to die says:

        I have to give to you Traze you may be Christian but you are not arrogant and blinded by your religion and i can respect you for your true and understanding beliefs.

  6. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    Don’t you just love someone so stupid he can’t recognize parody calling someone else stupid? This just is not just a village idiot – he could serve a major city.

  7. A says:

    Can’t believe what religion brings out in these idiots.

  8. elei says:

    So…wow. It’s quite sad that people who call themselves Christians, curse you (i’m assuming bobby?) out. I’m sure they would all be totally for the right to free speech, but for some reason cannot accept it for others.

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