Pirate boat feedback please

Published October 15th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson
James Wharram Pahi 63

James Wharram Pahi 63

What do you guys think of something like this for the FSM voyaging church? I will tell you a few reasons it appeals to me.

It’s something we can build together.

We can start right away. We have enough money to get started and we can buy more materials as we raise more during the build process.

It’s more realistic and practical. I like 200′ Galleons as much as anyone, but I don’t see a lot of them sailing around. Pirate boats are extremely expensive to buy and maintain, and require a large trained crew to sail. If we get one, it’s going to spend much of its life being rented out to pay for itself.

Something like this is relatively cheap (hundreds of thousands vs millions), simple to sail, lots of room.

The one in the picture is ~65′, I’m not sure the upper limit on sailing catamarans.

What do you guys think? Build or buy?

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  1. SuperADI says:

    It is not hard to build a catamaran at this shape, and one like this it is bellow 200000 USD.
    I know one of this that it is reconditioned in Greek in Mediteranean Sea.
    You have to be more determined and to start a project like this.

  2. Cellar says:

    Compare the ecolutions sailing yacht: crew of two people, room for eight, generates power while sailing. Intended audience is wealthy baby boomers, but the idea is nice enough. I mention this because “oh let’s build a boat” is not enough drive to justify the work that it costs to get and keep a boat going. So you need clear, stated goals to go for. Maybe something that could help make the world a better place by efficient use of resources. Something that demands ingenuity to build. Something like that.

    See http://www.ecolutions.nl/en/ (disclaimer: not affiliated in any way except that I’d buy one and live on it if only I’d had the money).

    • Olio says:

      Compare to what? No boat?

  3. NoodledInTheNoodle says:

    Catamarans are great sailing vessels, they tack fast and have plenty of room for booty (in the form of beer and strippers).

    If I could make a suggestion, this would make a good starting point: http://www.gunboat.com/series/gunboat90/

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