Ok, here’s the thing

Published October 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This was sent in response to pastafarian responses from earlier hatemail/concerned criticism post.

Ok, here’s the thing. You set up a website with a place for responses. Your website takes a clearly mocking tone toward religion in general. You gather a bunch of members who agree with you and assert your scientific superiority. All that’s fine. Indeed, I’d say its even American. The thing that disturbs me is when people begin to question the RIGHT of people to “insult us, or. . . pray for us.”

That right is recorded somewhere in some dusty piece of paper – let me think . . . where could it be –
that has worked out well for us all for quite a while.

The thing that turns me off, though, and weakens your position most, is that most of you are just mean. I wouldn’t want just to hang out with you at a bar or anywhere else, because your arguments primarily seem to consist of making fun of people. Indeed, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is pretty much one big Ad Hominem argument. It adds nothing to a discussion of the validity of faith, because it is not about faith. (The person who writes that they “believe” in Atheism I’ll give a pass to on this comment.)

Even if Katie is condescending, your responses are more so. It is the lack of love that makes me question your entire premise. Indeed, your definition of hate is awfully broad. It sounds, how shall I put it, downright religious. Even if we live in a Foucaldian world in which our choices are driven by zeitgeist and social darwinism, I personally am going to choose to reject that. I will defiantly assert that even in that world, Faith is still relevant (and if you read his last interviews, I think Michel might agree).

Even if God were not true, I think I’ll still take Katie, who clearly has concern for you (even if you think it is misguided) over you guys who are interested in intellectually crushing her. Just because you have a right to speak doesn’t mean that Katie shouldn’t, and you certainly “have no right” to expect most people who respond to like you if you are going to beat on them.

Take a real philosophical position that can be debated and we’ll talk. Claiming that principles are “generally accepted” won’t do it, and don’t even begin to bring “peer review” in to support claims of truth, because “peer review”, even at its best, isn’t about truth – it’s about methodology and rhetoric.

Otherwise, quit wasting my time.

P.S. Has anyone here actually honestly asked God whether He exists? Just curious as to whether this is an intellectually honest forum or an ideologically rigid one.


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  1. Bob says:

    And as we all know, if there’s one thing religion can’t be accused of, it’s methodology and rhetoric! *wink wink*

  2. Modesta says:

    I love the details on your internet site.
    Many thanks!

  3. Dan says:

    I just asked God if he exists. He doesn’t seem to be answering. I assume that the reason I am not getting his answer is that the FSM has intercepted the message with his noodly appendage.

    • Keith says:

      There was an urban legend about a man in Italy who asked his god if he could drive and took his hands off the steering wheel.

    • Alphy says:

      Your problem is that you think too much. You do not have to think. All the thinking has already been done for you. All you need to do is believe. This is just what I was told by a nun who was the director of religious education in my parish. My God! What a revelation! The woman was a fuckin Einstein! Have blind faith. Become a simpleton. All things are possible with God. Not reasonable, sane, logical, rational, sensible but always possible. including nothing at all, as well as, everthing and anything. But do not let thinking get in your way. Get a frre lobotomy immediate. Then you can get rapured and go to heaven with the flock of sheep who have their wool pulled over their eye
      Because you think, God will not answer you. You need to be a submoronic idiot if you want Gawd to talk to you. When that happens just ignore those evil thinkers who might say you are having audible and visual hallucinations or possibly temporal lobe epilepsy. When you stop thinking you can become a ‘true’ believer and just like the so called born again xtians you’ll be having a personal relationship with the Lawd. Hallelujah! And since you’ll know the savior “personally”, you will also know just how God likes his tea because God himself will talk to you whenever you ask.
      When you stop thinking and just believe, like Dorothy from Kansas, you can take a lovely trip down the yellow brick road, get a free lobotomy and an anal probe by gay exterrestials beings on a flying saucer from Mars. Both the short round blue ones and the tall slim willowy ones with the big black eyes when you get raptured with your fellow be Hoovers.
      So stop thinking, get a free lobotomy from the fundies and start glorifying ignorance and insanity. God will answer you just like he answered his rock Peter.

  4. eddie007 says:

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  5. Carl says:

    Yes, I have asked God if he exists, several times. I have also asked the FSM if he exists, several times. The response has always been the same, nada! Thanks for proving our point.

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      Carl, you must be doing it wrong. As per Christian logic, if you let The FSM into your life, suddenly, miraculously, The FSM exists. After all, millions of believers and Nobel scientists can’t be wrong. Anyway, Pastafarianism is by far the tastiest religion and the only one with a 30-day money back guarantee.

      • Alphy says:

        Stop thinking Carl and get a free lobotomy from fundies. All you have to do is believe as they believe and do as they do. Do not let thinking interfere with experiencing the reality of the unrealistic. It makes perfect sense. Right?

  6. The Sainted Gnocchi Trifle says:

    Dear Carl, Something truly mind-bending and alien-like goes on in the human brain when it’s thoughts, like tentacles, fabricates and probes the skies for gods. When humans go onto a sort of trance during religious gatherings or rituals, it truly seems out-worldly .

    • Captain Birdseye says:

      The Triffling Tainted Gnocchi, have you been eating those strange mushrooms again?

  7. Blue says:

    I asked god if he existed multiple times and I never got an answer
    additionally I can’t believe in a religion that doesn’t follow their own rules

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