Ok, here’s the thing

Published October 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This was sent in response to pastafarian responses from earlier hatemail/concerned criticism post.

Ok, here’s the thing. You set up a website with a place for responses. Your website takes a clearly mocking tone toward religion in general. You gather a bunch of members who agree with you and assert your scientific superiority. All that’s fine. Indeed, I’d say its even American. The thing that disturbs me is when people begin to question the RIGHT of people to “insult us, or. . . pray for us.”

That right is recorded somewhere in some dusty piece of paper – let me think . . . where could it be –
that has worked out well for us all for quite a while.

The thing that turns me off, though, and weakens your position most, is that most of you are just mean. I wouldn’t want just to hang out with you at a bar or anywhere else, because your arguments primarily seem to consist of making fun of people. Indeed, the Flying Spaghetti Monster is pretty much one big Ad Hominem argument. It adds nothing to a discussion of the validity of faith, because it is not about faith. (The person who writes that they “believe” in Atheism I’ll give a pass to on this comment.)

Even if Katie is condescending, your responses are more so. It is the lack of love that makes me question your entire premise. Indeed, your definition of hate is awfully broad. It sounds, how shall I put it, downright religious. Even if we live in a Foucaldian world in which our choices are driven by zeitgeist and social darwinism, I personally am going to choose to reject that. I will defiantly assert that even in that world, Faith is still relevant (and if you read his last interviews, I think Michel might agree).

Even if God were not true, I think I’ll still take Katie, who clearly has concern for you (even if you think it is misguided) over you guys who are interested in intellectually crushing her. Just because you have a right to speak doesn’t mean that Katie shouldn’t, and you certainly “have no right” to expect most people who respond to like you if you are going to beat on them.

Take a real philosophical position that can be debated and we’ll talk. Claiming that principles are “generally accepted” won’t do it, and don’t even begin to bring “peer review” in to support claims of truth, because “peer review”, even at its best, isn’t about truth – it’s about methodology and rhetoric.

Otherwise, quit wasting my time.

P.S. Has anyone here actually honestly asked God whether He exists? Just curious as to whether this is an intellectually honest forum or an ideologically rigid one.


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  1. Jennifer okley says:

    I didn’t get it and still thinking about it!

    • Keith says:

      At least you are thinking.

  2. Drachnon says:

    You wouldn’t hang out at bars with us?….

    Why do you make religion so personal? I don’t say I won’t hang out at bars with people who aren’t touched by HIS noodly appendage since I respect other people’s religion. Also I find the idea that we’re without love odd. We all know that thanks to his noodliness we are full of love and pasta which is more then I can say about some rival religions.

    • pepproni on my pizza says:


  3. Yojembo says:

    Dear Jeremy,

    Please stop taking my name in vain.


  4. Dawkin Fan says:

    I asked God whether he exists I read a whole book on it called God Delusion, he didn’t answer…Too busy I guess.

    Also Religious people make fun of others not from their faith/opposite values all the time! Its called Genocide, ethnic cleansing, The Holocaust and Protesting Gay Marriage!

    Religion = Dangerous
    FSM = Joke/Parody

    calm down

  5. Martin Mulvenna says:

    our pasta who r in heaven spaghetti be his name by kingdom come live will be done as the beer in paradise that us stay std free and deliver us from hell becomes drink in the kingdom power in pirates ay pasta

  6. Bucatini says:

    I asked God if he exists and he didn’t reply.

    I asked God if she exists but she didn’t reply either.

    I ate a bowl of Bucatini with meatballs and tomato basil sauce and it was divine.

    Touched by the noodly appendage inside my body.

    I am curious as to why you assume God is a He? Have you seen his noodly appendage?

  7. Lilith Rouge says:

    ok…. so what happened to freedom of speech? we all have a right to our own beliefs and if i want to believe in fsm then so what? all religions are distainful towards others…. even your so righteous jews would take no qualm in killing a muslim over some supposed holy shrine. even you high and mighty christians believe that atheists are heathens and heretics and that we’re going to go to hell because we dont sit on our knees every day, clasp our hands and mumble words to a god that was created by a bunch of masogynistic men who wanted to control people. religion is the WORST and i mean WORST at creating hatred and anger and facism in this world, as much christians and everyone else – look at the ridiculous christian picketters picketting the funerals of soldiers who died in their defence, claiming them to be queer.

    FSM is bullshit yes, but thats the POINT. because yea, of course food cant create all human life, etc. but neither can some old dude in a toga and a beard. just like there isnt a lizard alien in the sky (scientology) and there is no force (jedi-ism, which dispite being made up in a film, people do actually believe and yes it is classified as a religion). religion is ridiculous, religion is a mockery, itself, of actual life. get your noses out the bible or the qu’ran or the torah and smell some flowers – they’ve been created through millions of years of breeding and evolution and THAT thought is more amazing than being 3000 years old and hand crafted by your gods.

    stop getting so het up….

    P.S. FSM is really clever. truly insightful! ;)

  8. jason says:

    ive got to say….

    okay fine… another religion is another religion. but why make fun of other religions?

    (technically Christianity isent a religion (the meaning of religion is to be bound up ‘jesus came to set us free not to bind us up in rules and regulations’) but anyway. im not to bothered about other religions. and i have nothing against them. i cant really say im a perfect Christian or anything. and i dont know my bible. but please DONT make fun of other religions, and make up your own names. im 110% sure my comment doesn’t really meen anything. but please dont make fun of others beliefs.

    p.s before now ive heard people say Christianity is boring, if you think Christianity is boring. then u ithere dont understand it. or go to the wrong church. (a modern church is awesome)

    oh and i have to mention. why is it when people look at Christianity, people think of Catholics?
    coz Catholics treat men and woman differently. and have a problem with ideal worship and statues. ( i hate statues) (personally i pre-fair pentecostal to Catholics. but thats my opinion)

    • B. says:

      Why NOT make fun of other religions? What makes religion exempt from being ridiculed or criticized? Or beliefs for that matter. The critique can sometimes be extremely insightful and witty, or it can be stupid and unnecessary. But for the most part criticizing organized religion or the consequences of belief entrenching on the realms of science is not only justified but also necessary.

      I always find it somewhat scary that people never question how far their moral values should impact the lives of everyone else. Some think that church is the bastion of morality and sanity. Fine – but that shouldn’t ooze into other parts of society. Science is science, not Relative Morality 1.1.

      Finally: The reason why Catholicism is often associated with religion in non-religious circles, is because the Catholic church has proven many times that its primary concern is the Catholic church – not its members. This arrogance towards people and focus on the organization itself, is a common critique of organized religion.

    • theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

      I don’t know where you got your definition of what a religion is, Jason, but you’re wrong when you say you’re not a perfect Christian. The church would disagree with you – you believe without knowing what you’re ascribing to – your BuyBull. If you DID know it, you’d probably say “What is this crazy shit?”

      • Danimal says:

        I agree. I’m 111% sure Jason is a christian BECAUSE he doesn’t know his bible.

        • Noodlity says:

          Which reminds me – is there, like, a different version of the BuyBull that only the Xians read? Y’know, with all the massacres censored and cut out, along with all the inconsistencies, the utter lack of logic, the plot holes, etc. I honestly get the impression that either most Xians haven’t read their own holy scripture, or that they’ve read an entirely different book altogether.

        • Atsap Revol says:

          A critical reading of the first book of the Bible, Genesis, should be enough to instill disbelief in a “thinking” person. The key word is “thinking.” It seems obvious that many of our hate-mailers have never carefully read Genesis, let alone the rest of the “holy” OT and NT.

          Penn and Teller said that reading the Bible is the surest way to produce athiests.


        • Atsap Revol says:

          Make that ATHEISTS. Brain wasn’t in gear.

        • Keith says:

          There have been several versions of the BuyBull in history. Many have had alterations, misspellings, misinterpretations and so on. Just look up “The murderer’s bible, the breeches bible, the vinegar bible, the wicked bible” The list is very long. I doubt that the sort of version you speculate on exists but the absurdities quoted should give anyone pause to reconsider its veracity.

    • Devin says:

      Why not make fun of Christianity? Do we not have the same rights to laugh at your beliefs as you have the same rights to herd homosexuals into camps and brainwash them into “heterosexuality” until they commit suicide?

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