Mexico sighting

Published October 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

work of art


We’re working hard at spreading the message of the Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster throughout Mexico and Latin America. You might know that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the holiest figure of the Mexican catholic religion – but things have changed. Now we know that the FSM is also present in one more of the many far away lands. Attached is an image of our findings. We hope you enjoy it!

Bendito sea el Monstruo de Spaghetti Volador! (blessed be the FSM).


Ana Pimentel, Diego Ramirez and Alfonso Ballesteros
Followers of the FSM in Mexico

82 Responses to “Mexico sighting”

  1. Charson says:

    Santo Mounstro de Spaguetti volador!!!! Now I believe in virgin of Guadalupe.

  2. Mags says:

    U can believe in watever u want, a the phantom of the earwax for all i care, but dont take our images, the images that we believe in and insert the spaghetti thing to say it was there first. I cant believe this is real or who can believe in this. Its sad but watever.

  3. Pastafarian Leo says:

    @ Mags

    “U can believe in watever u want, a the phantom of the earwax for all i care, but dont take our images”

    I am becoming tired of people saying “don’t ridicule our images or ideas or what we believe”. Cpme on, if people believe in silly things, we pastafarians or whoever have the right to ridicule that shit. And we are not against people or being disrespectful with people, it is just against the idiotic ideas or behaviours that can make slow the advance of science or make difficult our life as a society.


  4. Edgar says:

    jaja muy buena hermanos! saludos desde México y los creyentes del FSM

  5. Adam says:

    Photoshop? Haha wow you guys idots

  6. Feki says:


    An evil conspiracy has kept the Virgen de Guadalupasta from being mentioned anywhere in the cannellonical Gospel of the FSM !!!!

    Scientists from NASA (not the “religious pseudo-researchers” that believe paint molecules float on top of the fabric, but real rocket scientists) determined that the image of the Almighty FSM has been there all along since Juan Diego went up the Tepeyac.

    Taken aback by the fact their religious delusion was false, evil catholics tried to hide His Noodly Image by deeming it a stain from Juan Diego’s lunch and painted some spurious cherub on top of it, thus deceiving millions of Mexicans over the course of history.

    However, after extensive research, experts have confirmed that spaguetti and meatballs were not part of traditional Mexican diet until late 1900’s, over 400 years after the miracle ocurred. Historical records also show there were absolutely no chances that spaguetti was imported or made in Mexico City during the sixteenth century.

    Upon close examination, the image seems to be staring downwards tenderly (or more accurately “al dente”), as if He was looking at Juan Diego straight in the eyes. Simultaneously, His Appendages seem to be holding or protecting the Virgen who, according to apocryphal recipe books, was chosen to cook the Second Coming of His Noodliness .

    The Vatican has yet to comment on this, although it is expected that they will deny the cover up and relocate the priests responsible for this flagrant defiling of the FSM, or “Tata Monstruo”, as affectionately called by devote Mexicans.

    Please help spread the TRUTH about the Virgen de Guadalupasta and may the Sauce be with you.

    • Keith says:

      Makes perfect sense to me.

  7. Enrique says:

    Eres un puto irrespetuoso!

  8. Drained and Washed Clean says:

    50 – Mags –

    Your images? Who said these are yours? Did you make it? Were you the artist? Did you have anything to do with it? No. It is a painting of a woman. A woman that no one can even prove existed. Shall we try getting offended over something real, like perhaps priests molesting little boys, or preachers taking their parishioners for all they are worth to have fancy cars and houses? THAT is offensive.

    PS – PLEASE use a dictionary and learn how to spell “wHat”. That is a sight word, and you should have learned it in elementary school. Your punctuation could use some work too…

    • puppygoogoo says:


      Dont forget that Jeebus was the first white guy in the middle east according to ‘their’ paintings. Also i’m sure Mags doesn’t realise that most of us here have been exposed, not in that way, to religion in some form during our lives and that we are making decisions upon observable evidence and not some story a guy tells us to believe in or we will burn for all of eternity.

      Nice to be back,


      • Keith says:

        Actually I would have said that Adam was the first white guy (according to their paintings). He is certainly portrayed as such on the cheesy pamphlets the fundies thrust into our hands. He’s also, to judge by their childish art style, quite a looker, whereas I would have pictured him with a low brow and a lantern jaw.

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