Mexico sighting

Published October 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

work of art


We’re working hard at spreading the message of the Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster throughout Mexico and Latin America. You might know that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the holiest figure of the Mexican catholic religion – but things have changed. Now we know that the FSM is also present in one more of the many far away lands. Attached is an image of our findings. We hope you enjoy it!

Bendito sea el Monstruo de Spaghetti Volador! (blessed be the FSM).


Ana Pimentel, Diego Ramirez and Alfonso Ballesteros
Followers of the FSM in Mexico

82 Responses to “Mexico sighting”

  1. Jesso says:

    Where is this proof? You keep speaking of proof yet offer none. I have done my research. I have actually read the bible. Not only was it written a good 2 centuries AFTER Jesus supposedly lived (and the gospels can’t even agree on WHERE Jesus was born), it has been modified beyond recognition to suite man’s need for power and control. Not to mention the incredible mistranslations of the bible. Therefore, it cannot count as proof. There is no record of this Jesus ever even existing in Roman records (who kept great ones), nor for the slaughter of the innocents. Herod’s death and Jesus’s supposed birth don’t even line up. So, if the base premise of what you believe in is that Jesus is the son of god, then you are in big trouble because all of your “proof” is discredited.

    I don’t need a god to bless me. I earn my own blessings through education, hard work, and being a good person. I don’t need a god to tell me how to be a good person and threaten me with death if I don’t. I don’t need a god or a book to tell me how to be good, and I don’t need a bearded zombie sky daddy to make good things happen to me. I make things happen (and some karma). My family, friends, and I are the only people I need to look out for me. We are doing just fine, thanks.

  2. Jesus says:

    @Lippy Girl
    The Eye for Eye is old testament, some people still think that applies, I don’t someone once said if you’re transgressed so must endure it 70×7 time, I for one, can’t; I’m not perfect and I would definitely try to find out who did it and get the joke back, as a sport out of fun rather that for vengeance if things escalate out of a mere joke it would be my limit I seek no harm.
    I’m called to provide forgiveness to those that harm me, it’s hard but it can be done, I can’t be in communion with God if my heart is full of hatred.

    “…Both pieces of art were used for religious purposes and have been modified using photoshop to suit more modern purposes. I don’t get it what the difference is between the two situations…”
    Ah!, one is a piece of art, the other one it’s not; there is no scientific evidence that the Tilma of Guadalupe is man-made, many have tried and have failed, and some others that have studied it up close have converted; besides Michelangelo’s paintings are not worshipped there lies the difference, the Tilma is at the center of Catholic devotion here in Mexico.

    The must common mistake is to take the Bible literally, I’ve read a lot of books around basketball and I watch a lot of games and I still suck! you need practice, training you need to live it with faith it’s the same
    If you want to scientifically fact check everything that happened 2K years ago you need much more that google and a couple of mind-liked buddies and reference writers.

    “…and some karma…”
    So, if I get this straight, you said that you don’t believe in a deity, but you assert that there is a imaginary force that would build around you, if you do good deeds, well behave and are nice to others? and that this very same force would make good things happen to you?
    Seems like you do believe in a god my friend.

  3. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Hey, Hay-soos, the Tilma of Guadalupe is not man-made? Well then, even though there is no religious context, neither is the Statue of Liberty or Mount Rushmore.

  4. Jesso says:

    See, there you go again making assumptions. I was a Christian for 24 years. I prayed, I spoke in tongues, and I attended church twice a week. So, I did “practice”, as you say, pretty vigorously, and I’m still an atheist now. However, that really has nothing to do with anything.

    You say it is a common mistake to take the book literally? Well, which sections do you take literally and which do you not? Who is actually supposed to interpret which sections? The Catholic Church perhaps? I mean, they have already edited the bible beyond recognition anyway. And the pope is infallible… People can’t check everything that happened 2,000 years ago, but it would be nice if the main cornerstones of Christianity had some basis in fact. In addition to all the historical errors (which in themselves are pretty big), another example of bible error, “almah”, the word used in the original Hebrew bible translates to young woman, not virgin. There is a more specific word for virgin in the Hebrew language “betulah”, so why wasn’t that word used? Probably because Mary wasn’t a virgin. The virgin birth is taken totally literally. Every Christian church in the world believes it, but turns out it was just a mistranslation. Puts a little crimp in the “son of god” thing.

    And no, people say that god is an actual being that controls everything in the universe. Karma is more of – if I do good, I get some good back (I’m not talking the Buddhist idea). Just good comes to those who do good, and bad comes to those that do bad. So, not a god. Nice try though.

    Still waiting on this proof that you say is in abundance…

  5. Doctor Kitty Horrible says:

    Hey Jesus? Shut up. -_- seriously, honey, you’re just digging a bigger hole for yourself. You’re very easy to argue against and Lippy Girl and Jesse are a bit too good at pointing that out. So shh. You think you’re right, congratulations, tottle off now.

  6. Jesus says:

    @Doctor Kitty Horrible
    Hey, there, thanks for the suggestion I think I still hang for a while, somewhere around the up left corner of whatever internet browser you are using there is a button, most likely with a left arrow on it, it’s called “the back button”, feel free to use it to avoid further reading of comments on this thread. Now if you are currently thinking that I shouldn’t be telling what to do, well, ditto

    Sorry for the assumptions and sorry to hear that you once were Christian and now you’re not, please don’t assume I’m trying of convince anyone out of your current state of mind in regards to religion, I’m not a bible scholar either so I won’t be able to refute all the argumentations around whether the translations are correct or not, I’ll do my best though.
    Let’s take “almah”, it’s not literally virgin but taking the actual historic context, back in the day there was no promiscuity, and Mary was around 14 years old and she wasn’t actually married to Joseph at the time of the annunciation they were sort of speak engaged, in promise, perhaps betulah wasn’t not use because it was used to denote people of older age who never married.

    “… actual being that controls everything …”
    Controls, it’s a strong word, actually the control is in our hands its free will.

    As for proof, I’ve personal accounts of things that have happened to me, videos and links, personally I wouldn’t like to fill the thread with links of that sort, but if you tell me I will, like said I don’t want to turn this into an “evagelization” thread, my only point was not to mock sacred image, I kind of get the point made with the FSM although I think there are less silly ways to make it and I don’t think that desecrating holy images gives any validation to it.

    ” … Just good comes to those who do good, and bad comes to those that do bad …”
    Mmmmh, how does that work, is it just because? it is kind of “use the force Luke”?

    Actually I almost bought it, however I’m puzzled by this http://www.millionface.com/l/statue-of-liberty-the-making/ and this http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Construction_of_Mount_Rushmore it seems like someone actually built them!

  7. theFewtheProudtheMarinara says:

    As Jesso pointed out in #20, “And the pope is infallible…” is something else that should not be taken literally. Otherwise, the ones who started crusades, were anti-Semites, rapists, child molesters and murderers were infallible?? To say nothing of the early Christian sport of digging up a predecessor you disliked and putting him on trial. Look it up – hilarious!

  8. Jesus says:

    I must admit, there’s a huge history of mistakes within the Church and outside, are there child molesters among clergy? Yes, Are there those who deny the Holocaust? Yes

    Has the infallible brought lots of problems in the past? YES! But, you see, everything has to be put in context, as human kind as a whole evolves so has its societal structures and communities among them the Church; and in my opinion it’s a mistake to judge and set up your mind, mainly, based on past actions, if we are to apply the same judgment to everything we should be criticizing every action made by Germany since they were the origin of both WW, yet we aren’t and we shouldn’t (this is a parallel example and I’m not implying nor suggesting anything is just a reference)

    In the past we, Aztec civilization that is, just to rip the heart out or PoW and young virgins, so mistakes have been made left and right all over the world, all of us as a civilization, however I must admit that the mistakes made by the Church have a greater impact since from its creation the core values are love and respect for others and not harm should have never, ever come from within the Church.

    As for “…digging up a predecessor you disliked and putting him on trial…” well that’s the favorite sport of man kind, Jesus himself, then you have many much more examples of “summary” trials Lincoln, Ghandi, MLK, JFK, etc, etc.

    We as a society are all screwed up, not only the Church, and it’s up to us to prevent that from keep happening so far we have suck at it…

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