Mexico sighting

Published October 13th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

work of art


We’re working hard at spreading the message of the Holy Flying Spaghetti Monster throughout Mexico and Latin America. You might know that the Virgin of Guadalupe is the holiest figure of the Mexican catholic religion – but things have changed. Now we know that the FSM is also present in one more of the many far away lands. Attached is an image of our findings. We hope you enjoy it!

Bendito sea el Monstruo de Spaghetti Volador! (blessed be the FSM).


Ana Pimentel, Diego Ramirez and Alfonso Ballesteros
Followers of the FSM in Mexico

82 Responses to “Mexico sighting”

  1. Lippy Girl says:

    Is it truly desecration when you use photoshop as opposed to spray painting the original image? I don’t think so. The Mexicans and Catholics can still go out and see the original untarnished image if they wish…but why would they, with this kind of improved version on line?

  2. Jesso says:

    His Noodliness is not a desecration! How dare you supposed prophet who cannot be proven to exist!

    Oh, and there is no god to bless me, so that was a waste of typing.

  3. Goddess}{ says:

    have you been touched by the noodle?

    Some ask Me how I know the FSM exists and I counter by saying that while the latter is invisible to some it can be sensed much like a fart.
    The gas permeates its signature scent in the immediate atmosphere and those who happen to be in the vicinity are a witness.
    “we sense it!” they may yelp repeatedly in ecstatic fervor…while mumbling incoherently in an obscure tongue that only they are privy to.
    While most deities are invisible and cannot be gleamed with but 5 senses, the latter can be observed with a doze of faith and a developed sense of smell.

    Have You been touched by the appendage ala macaroni?

  4. GeorgeRic says:

    Agnostics are puzzled: Where is God? Why this confusion? But also: Why belief in the occult? How do the possessed levitate? How did the image of Guadalupe come about? Why are there provable ‘Miracles’? Abbott, writing ‘Flatland’ explained contiguous geometric worlds to solve the difficulties. Now ‘Techie Worlds’ examines impossible concepts like trinity, resurrection, judgment, souls and more, showing they are logical and reasonable in the context of contiguous geometrical worlds. It is the way of science: to examine phenomena in the light of theory.
    Neither approach can be proved or dis-proved, but the advantages of life and nature weigh towards the Christian view, teaching the way of love.. ‘Techie Worlds’ (available from amazon.com) by explaining clearly how God does it, will bring Moslems and Jews to the teachings of Jesus. Techie Worlds is definitely not the same old harangue, but is logical, using a mechanistic basis for explaining how the worlds are built and how the Christian view is for real.

  5. Jesso says:

    You came across the wrong site. None of us here are confused. We are perfectly well aware of ourselves. The agnostics here don’t think that the thing that the religions you spoke of believe is god, others are of some religion who believe in the separation of church and state, and the rest of us don’t think that there is a god (like me). In your religion, there is no logic. There is no reasoning. There is only mumbo-jumbo you are trying to pass off as fact. And how dare you be so conceited to think that your world view is the supreme and correct one. Get your head out of your ass.

  6. Jesus says:

    Of there’s enough proof, you just haven’t take time to look at it.
    “Oh, and there is no god to bless me, so that was a waste of typing.”
    Because of that assertion it was not a waste to type it, the good thing is that it’s not a requirement for you to believe to be blessed, be sure you are being watch over.

    @Lippy Girl
    Yes, as much as when someone photoshops one of your pictures, putting your face over an animal, criminal or do whatever that will embarrass you, how would that feel? Would you be mad? Looking for who did it and how to get even, right?

    As for Michelangelo’s piece, it’s a piece of art and whatever, personally I think it’s funny and… a very well done

    BWT I’m not picking the nick out of a religious context it’s actually my name and as Scott Adams wrote: “Pronounced Hay-soos”

  7. Lippy Girl says:

    Ah Jesus…you’re kidding right? If my face were put over an animal using photoshop I really wouldn’t care. I certainly wouldn’t be embarrassed. I definitely wouldn’t try to get even. You must be thinking of the biblical phrase “eye for an eye” which is just not appropriate for the real world. Or are you endorsing the Muslim’s lack of cartoon humour? As an atheist I don’t subscribe to your religious revenge philisophies.

    Also, a question for you…you think it’s funny to modify Michelangelo’s work but feel the above art modification is desecration. Both pieces of art were used for religious purposes and have been modified using photoshop to suit more modern purposes. I don’t get it what the difference is between the two situations.

  8. Jesus says:

    “There is no reasoning. ”
    Oh, there’s plenty, either you haven’t read the right source, or you have got into arguments with the wrong crowd

    “There is only mumbo-jumbo you are trying to pass off as fact.”
    Oh, you mean dogmas!, maybe if someone takes some time and explains you what faith is you might get it, not to change your mind of course, just for you to have a little more consideration with us, the nutjobs

    “And how dare you be so conceited to think that your world view is the supreme and correct one. Get your head out of your ass.”
    And your is? if so, idem

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