FSM painting

Published October 9th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I think this would look great hanging in a gallery.

My own personal tribute to his Holy Noodeliness



16 Responses to “FSM painting”

  1. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Dear Emma,

    A Masterpiece! Our Holy Lord FSM will be pleased. This should be reproduced on the ceiling of the Pastafarian Pristine Chapel.

    ATSAP REVOL, Pastafarian Art Critic

  2. Savid says:

    is that a copy of the gospel under the painting?

  3. Eduardo Mora says:

    YAY! first to post a comment… anyways, its AWSOME! I love it. May His Noodlyness be with you

  4. tyson says:

    Haha- how much would you want for this painting or similar?

  5. BlackBard says:

    Aye, ’tis a most inspirin’ image. Ye have truly been Touched.


  6. Roman says:

    R’amen brother!

  7. Sam le Pirate says:

    De toute beauté, que son appendice nouillesque nous touche!

  8. Senator Bob Dole says:

    His noodly apendages have truely blessed you with artistic talent. Ramen.

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