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Published October 20th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

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As an artist and a Pastafarian, I deemed it necessary to heed the calling of his noodliness and commence work to bring His glory to the two dimensional surface.

And I have used the principles of composition, of values, of line, and chromas, and I have painted pixels in his image. Blessed be the FSM for giving us the rules of composition!

And I arranged the masses of light and dark, and behold, they pleased His noodly Eye. Blessed be the FSM for creating contrasts in value!

And I cooked spaghetti for visual reference, and rendered His holy form, guided by His Noodly Appendage. And I have consumed the spaghetti, and rejuvenated by this holy communion, I placed the highlights upon his noodles. Blessed be the FSM for creating light and shadow, so that we could see our pasta!

And I placed colours and pirate regalia upon the army of His deciples, and behold, I spent many a day putting details in their midst. Praised be the FSM for showing us the way, for to err is human, but to Arr is Pirate.

R’amen brothers and sisters, may the image of His Noodliness please thy eye.

Pastafarian Miłek aka Ethically Challenged


Huge thanks to Milek … I was blown away when I saw this painting. Click on the picture for the full-resolution version.

55 Responses to “amazing painting”

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  1. E. Eduardo says:

    This is now my wallpaper. FSM bless the artist..

  2. supercheetah says:

    That friggin’ rocks. I want that on a t-shirt or something.

  3. Random_Pastafarian says:

    Amazing painting!! Really nice job!! Well done, mate

  4. detcader says:

    Top that, da Vinci.

  5. Spaghetti Scientist says:

    Lovely, and I especially appreciate the inclusion of a parrot. Since pirates are His preferred people, and parrots are pirates’ preferred companions, He must therefore favor parrots. I also favor parrots, which proves unequivocally that He is the One True God.

  6. Captain Parrot says:

    Totally awesome! Thanks fellow Pastafarian Miłek! RAmen

  7. Ohio Pirate says:

    Unbelievable!!! I am speechless!! Such commitment. Well done sir! Well done!!! Without trying to sound insulting, are they for sale?


  8. Pope Pixel I says:

    You are a true believer and an excellent artist! Art is one of the premier ways of strengthening religion, and you’re certainly better at it than I!

    ~Pope Pixel I, Wench Addict

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