Sept. 19th

Published September 19th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day everyone

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  1. Aesi says:


  2. Captain Biscuit says:

    Spent the farst half o’ me day in a lab, researchin’ somethin’ or otharrrrr.

    Jus’ got back to me dorm, an’ changed inta me finest garb. Time fer pillagin’ o’ booty, slammin’ back grog…an’ talkin’ to tha wenches!


  3. GOPnot4me says:

    Arrrgghh, Matey’s, top ‘o the day to ye. Tis a fine day here on the left coast. Good fer celebratin’ himself,our FSM. Arrrrgghh.

  4. Cap'n "Crunch" Mike says:

    and a Happy Talk Like A Pirate Day to you too,
    may ye wenches be joyous
    and the grog be plentiful

  5. Anon says:

    YAARRRRR!!! A very happy talk like a pirate day to all ye.!!!

  6. aj says:

    yharrgg!!! i be appreciatin’ that! i deo wis all to drink and be merr on this glorious day!

  7. Q-Squared says:

    Arg, and a nice happy super special awesome Talk Like a Pirate Day to everyone!

    May all of your noodles be perfect, and your sauce bursting with flavor! :D


  8. brodius says:

    Yar me harteys me self be t’ flying spagetti monsters chosen.

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