pasta is food

Published September 17th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is absolutely fucking retarded, pasta is food, not a deity. But hey keep spreading the bullshit, it makes all of us sane people realize there are people out there with bigger problems than we have.
-Seeker Of Truth

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  1. Plumberbob says:

    No i am 21 and i live in a my own house in a small plce called Browns plains, Its very likly that you havnt heard of this place befor though, All hail allmighty max!

  2. Plumberbob says:

    Allmighty max shall slay you with his mighty sword!


  3. Max is gay says:

    ur mother doesnt love u and browns plains is bogan, come dwn 2 the greenbank rsl and we sort this out

  4. Plumberbob says:

    Haha I am a secruity guard that works there

  5. Max is gay says:

    i am 2 meteres away from max and he is not what u think he is

  6. Max melero says:

    I am all that was is and ever will be HAIL ME

    • gordon_uk says:

      hail you a cab?

  7. Max is gay says:

    plumber bob be a security gurad is a shit job

  8. Max is gay says:

    poofter where r u

    • FUCK MAX IS GAY says:

      MAX IS GAY,

      You are an asshole to come here and pretend that you are Plumberbob. He knows how to spell and write. You are a stupid shit that hasn’t learned as much as an average third-grade kid.

      So, piss off!

    • Keith says:

      I get the impression that the author of the above rubbish is in the final stages of tertiary syphilis. Perhaps we should pity rather than condemn him.

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