pasta is food

Published September 17th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is absolutely fucking retarded, pasta is food, not a deity. But hey keep spreading the bullshit, it makes all of us sane people realize there are people out there with bigger problems than we have.
-Seeker Of Truth

180 Responses to “pasta is food”

  1. Plumberbob says:

    You imsult my deity? Max is the new god dont treat him with disrepsect. Or he shall destroy you

    • Atsap Revol says:

      This is an imposter. Plumberbob has a brain.

      • plumberbob says:

        @ Atsap Revol,

        Thanks, AR; I think that we’ve both detected a whole series of sock puppets here. All of my sign-offs are:


  2. Max is gay says:

    i will join

  3. Plumberbob says:

    Agian you dare insult my deity you shall be smited by his holy wrath! he has powers no other mortal does, ALL HAIL

  4. Plumberbob says:

    Who are you anyway, to insult my new god? Name yourself.


  5. Max is gay says:

    i am the almighty jesus

  6. Plumberbob says:

    Ah fool, Jesus has no power compared to the ALLMIGHTY max! he can lift a car and jump over a building!

  7. Max is gay says:

    plumber bob are u a 50 year old virgin who still lives with his mum in her basement who has neva been laid

  8. Max is gay says:

    plumber bob are u a faggot 2 believe in max he is a false god and i will run u down in my car

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