pasta is food

Published September 17th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is absolutely fucking retarded, pasta is food, not a deity. But hey keep spreading the bullshit, it makes all of us sane people realize there are people out there with bigger problems than we have.
-Seeker Of Truth

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  1. max melero says:

    LOL my fear? when your time is up i will dance on your grave you cock sucking asshole PS im going to fly-kick your mother and ur granchrilder in the face you at peice of shit ,, so im going to go do some school work and get an education wich you obisoly you DIDNT so suck my cock and go drink some horse cum

  2. plumberbob says:

    @ max melero,

    Your verbal violence at our site demonstrates that you are terrified of the death that will ultimately take each of us; your vain lashing-out is just a childish show, like whistling in the dark, and it is very unbecoming . It shows that you have no rational debating skills and you are just trolling. Please cease the ad hominem gutter language and discuss and debate rationally or else go find sites that appreciate your puerility.


  3. Max melero says:

    Haha, I think you just think know that i am right and you are wrong, Seriously tell me why do you believe in a bowl of pasta?.. Give me some reasons and i will stop insulting you, But untill then i will continue to abuse you so i shall now go and eat some spaghetti you dumb ass, dude im not religious i dont have a god and the idea of a bowl of food creating everything is complete BULLSHIT lol and it is known that pasta was created by italians in the 700’s So suck my dick you dumb peice of shit you should also go malest your dog you faggot you are the complete dumbest person i have ever talked to so GO FUCK YOUR MOTHER and lick a squirrels pussy

  4. Plumberbob says:

    i know you are right im a fagoot

  5. Plumberbob says:

    Srry max i belive you are my new god,,, Al hail MAX

    • Max melero says:

      I know i am your god!

  6. Max melero says:

    Does Anyone else wish to join my new religion? It can also have some bullshit flying food if you want, how about A FLYING CHEESE SAMWICH?

  7. Max is gay says:

    max wants to lick squireel balls

  8. Max melero says:

    Anyone else want to join my religion? We can also have a bullshit food god, how about A FLYING BACON SAMWICH

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