pasta is food

Published September 17th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

This is absolutely fucking retarded, pasta is food, not a deity. But hey keep spreading the bullshit, it makes all of us sane people realize there are people out there with bigger problems than we have.
-Seeker Of Truth

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  1. A Pirate says:

    Don’t talk like that about His Great Noodliness or you shall be condemned to a hell with hookers with STD and hot beer!

  2. robotulism says:

    Hey! deities can be food. Hence the bread and wine for the body and blood of Christ.

    Obviously, Mr. Seeker of Truth, you don’t do much to seek it, like read a huge disclaimer, link, and in your face explanation of this particular religion. Good seeking, there, Sherlock!

    May the sauce be with you. RAmen.

  3. Jerbones says:

    Dearest Seeker Of Truth,

    Your hate is refreshing. It falls upon my heart like grated cheese on a beautiful plate of pasta. It is people like you who blow up school buses of children on it in the name of some sky fairy. I hope you find out the “truth” and drop your knowledge all up on us.

    thanks for stopping by,


  4. Reggie Dixon says:

    Seeker of Truth
    Maybe you ought to give up on the truth and start seeking a sense of irony

  5. Dan Moody says:

    You’re sane? Prove it? You’re seeking “Truth” only an madman seeks a relative concept.

  6. Bearded Clam Admirer says:

    …and a carpenter fixes shelves. Your point?



  7. Insightful Ape says:

    Hey, head-deep-in-the-ass-seeker-of-truth, crackers all also food, not deities. But try saying that to that guy Ratzi in Rome and then see what happens.


  8. NuttyThePirate says:

    you just proved the gospel of the flying spaghetti monster. FSM created pasta so that we will eat as a tribute to him. He then created the food groups as beef, pork, but then got lazy and just called chickens “chickens”

    Besides you worship a talking dead guy(unless you are not christian if not then sorry). Talking dead guys are not gods there dead guys. So keep spreading your religious dogma, pastafarianism is growing rapidly.

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