New Hampshire wwfsmd plate

Published September 1st, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

What would the Flying Spaghetti Monster Do?

I recently got my driver’s license and bought my first car. Obviously the next step was getting the car registered, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that WWFSMD was available as a vanity plate! I quickly doled out the extra cash it would cost to have the plate, inspite of my parents objections to the fact that “no one would know what it means.” I say that doesn’t matter, other Pastafarians will. Apparently there aren’t many around my small town, I wonder how many Pastafarians will be in the city I’m going to for college?


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  1. Tori says:

    @ BlackBard: That is such a cool idea! I’ll e-mail you when I have a few more minutes free. As it is I need to get ready to attend orientation

    @Tedy Bruschetta: I see a lot of vanity plates, too, but I still see more of the regular plates. You have a good point, though, I never see Mass. vanity plates!

  2. BeerHeart says:

    May The Sauce Be with You, Tori. May His Noodly Appendages guide you safely through your bold new adventures in higher education. If your college experience is anything like mine was, you will dwell daily in the presence of The Noodly One. “Verily, RAmen shall be thy daily bread.”

  3. puzzledust says:

    Fantastic! I’m a central-NH Pastafarian…that makes at least 5 of us!

  4. Tochan says:

    And I am a Seacoast NH Pastafarian celebrating “Talk Like A Pirate Day”!!

    So swab ye decks ye scallawags or Ill lash ye high on me mizzen!

  5. Brooks says:

    Very nice. Took awhile, an age thing. I live in Keene (and Gilsum)….and have your same beliefs :) My plate is a Veterans plate, 4PEACE…….

  6. renna says:

    Count me in as one more Pastafarian in New Hampshire. I’m on the coast (where else would you find pirate fish?). And I think I’ve converted four more this evening, over a tequila “worship service”.

    To Teddy, post #16: Vanity plates are dirt cheap here in NH compared to other states, so that’s why you may see more of them here.

  7. Decoy says:

    Another Pastafarian living in southern NH here…something about the Live Free of Dine must attract the like minded.

    May your plates always be full, and your sauce always be bold.

  8. Prodigy says:

    Im from New Hampshire! W000T

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