Kiva update 9/30

Published September 30th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

Team FSM on Kiva now has 959 members and has raised over $115k. Well done, everybody!

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  1. Adehle says:

    HAHAHAHA i love it!

  2. Nickbb9 says:


  3. RiverPirate says:

    Did you ever find out any more about what someone posted about some of the KIVA groups not really doing such a good job with their funds? I can’t find that post right now, but it was concerning. Thanks for any updated info. on this topic.

  4. Sarah In Brooklyn says:

    I, too, just searched for those posts that RiverPirate mentioned and can’t find them… most especially I’m curious about the Field Partners that distribute Kiva funds, and how many of them are “Christian Relief” or “Catholic Aid” associations (such as affiliates of HOPE, CRAN, Save the Children, etc.). (I looked on Kiva’s Field Partners page for this info.)

    I would have a problem with field partners who feel it is their mission to save souls while lending Kiva money – do donors get to choose their field partners? There must be non-religious field partners who are doing fantastic work on the ground with Kiva money. Forgive me if this subject has been covered elsewhere (I couldn’t find it if it was). I am not here to start a fight, I’m just curious.

    I think highly of Kiva, and I adore the FSM — how about some Pirates band together to become a Field Partner unit?!

  5. aluminum anti furl flagpole says:

    Keep functioning ,terrific job!

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