I find your ‘religion’ extremely offensive

Published September 7th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I find your ‘religion’ extremely offensive you are clearly making a mockery of Christianity and I feel this is wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself!


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  1. Kale R. says:

    Maybe Pastafarians find Christianity condescending and offensive? Ever think of that, douche bag?

  2. becca says:


  3. Apprentice Frederic says:


  4. Passerby says:

    Wow. This kept me entertained =)
    Just site-hopping here. Bookmarked this site ;)

  5. Frank says:

    My problem with any tightly held belief is the tendency it has to enslave and stagnate the mind. We can’t help but get so caught up in the “truth” of a belief that anything that contradicts it must be “heresy.” Therefore, we close our minds to these contradictions and thus prevent ourselves from learning a greater truth than one we already “know.”

    Religions give people a license not to think. For example, why should we strive to better understand disease? It is simply “God’s” will. Your child doesn’t need to be treated for their sickness, they need to go to church and be prayed for. If they die, it is not from lack of medical attention, they have the best “doctor” in existence. To question disease is to question “God” and is a damnable offense.

    I’m surrounded by people with this mentality. It’s infuriating to know that we CAN save a child’s life and the parent’s won’t LET us because they’re just going to pray the sick out of him/her. So many people that I meet in my day-to-day will pray for change; for a raise, better health, rain, whatever. Will they actually do something about it. No.

    Religion is about controlling people through fear. Fear makes us seek the comfort of a loving being that will protect and love us for all eternity if we believe in him/her. Fear keeps us in line lest we be cast into a lake of fire or be eternally damned.

    Play on a person’s fears long enough and you can make them afraid to question anything. My own mother prays for me saying, “I’m afraid you’re going to burn in hell because you won’t stop asking ‘why’.”

    What the hell?

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