I find your ‘religion’ extremely offensive

Published September 7th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

I find your ‘religion’ extremely offensive you are clearly making a mockery of Christianity and I feel this is wrong. You should be ashamed of yourself!


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  1. Apprencice Frederic says:

    @238 pinataheart

    Sorry, pinataheart. Under the cloak of an eccentric blog identitiy, it’s too easy either to be inadvertently patronizing or to give in to the temptation to be advertently (if that’s a word?) so. If my post #233 was such, I’m sorry. Your standing to express yourself is quite as high as anyone else’s. We’re arguing about something like the Path to Truth and Personal Enlightenment, and that really doesn’t seem to be very well-worn. From all your posts, your pinata heart, willing to be exposed to blows, is the opposite of a flaw. And just to push the metaphor a little more, the last pinata event I saw involved little tiny kids flailing and missing….

  2. Jake O says:

    As a biologist and scientifically minded atheist I take offense at anyone who assumes to know more than those who have devoted their entire lives, and sacrificed so much, to increase the knowledge we humans have. To those who pushed and strived to help mankind understand this world, the universe, and ourselves under the ridicule of others. Those who worked, more than you could ever fathom, to enlighten the populous, those of whom I follow now into those countless hours of work, lonely nights, and stressful days. The “intelligent design” movement is a direct attack against these people, against our intelligence, and against our youth.
    You people who take offense at FSM, take a look at yourself and what you believe. Science has saved your lives, improved them, given you all the safety and securities that you have. What medicines do you take, what materials make up your clothes and your car and your house? Science has struggled throughout history against the religious powers that be, and continues to do so, look at all that science has given you. Don’t thank God for all the things you have, for your comforts, for your health, you could thank science, but that would be pointless. Instead, give science, and those who perform and disseminate it, the respect it deserves so we can continue to improve your lives.
    You are offended by FSM, what about the offense felt by the countless nationals your missionaries “save” from their own religions? What about the offense felt by those progressive thinkers in the 16-1800’s who faced death for their thirst for knowledge?
    You mock everything good and noble in mankind with your beliefs, denying that mankind has the inherent ability to be good or noble. Believe what you want, but keep it in your churches and in your homes. The minute you try and swindle others, especially those too young to understand the implications of your cations, you do so much worse than offend. You should be ashamed of your naivety and of your willingness to conform, think for yourself.

  3. Reformed says:

    Wow- a sign of the end times! Revelations does say we will all be numbered. Obviously this Christian is ready.

  4. Christian Baptiste says:

    Yes i feel it is wrong and therfore il smite your firstborns dead. A rational and humane approach i think. How about fuck off and take your vile religion to the 6t circle of Dantes inferno with you my pet. You think its wrong? your a christian you dont think you just open your mouth and nod like a good little ape

  5. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Jake 0 (#250)
    Thank you – I can’t presume to mardh with the legions of those that you speak for, but your statement is wonderfully well put. Many of us are suspicious of “knowledge for its own sake”, but knowledge for the causes you mention beats faith, of the sort that 27160 hides behind, hands down. PS: You probably know the joke about the engineer and the guillotine???

  6. Sarah says:

    @ Apprentice Frederic (253)

    Out of curiosity, what’s wrong with “knowledge for its own sake”? People are curious and tend to want to know how things work just to know; what’s suspicious about that?


  7. Apprentice Frederic says:

    @Sarah, #254: I said that *I* was suspicious – but not antipathetic – and you’re right, of course. It’s hard to know in advance what’s useful, elegant, or a link to something useful, elegant, or a link to…. In my defense, I was thinking about all the people who will correct you for saying “It’s me” instead of “It is I”, LOFLMAO

  8. Sarah says:

    @ Apprentice Frederic (255)

    Oh, I see what you meant now, RAmen.

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