Fighting for Pastafarians everwhere

Published September 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

My College Dining commons is, at this very moment, preforming debased and blasphemous acts with it’s pasta displays. Attached is my complaint letter. Be warned, their depravity knows no bounds, and what I write of their acts may shake you to your very core, but such perversion must be fought with stalwart hearts wherever it is found. I shall keep you posted on the aftermath if you are so inclined, fellow pastafarian

Noodly Yours,

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  1. Richbank says:

    @#27: Unfortunate apostrophe placement right there, don’tcha think? Walter: come up and see the travesty they call “pasta” at Worcester!

  2. Jormandugr says:

    @ Alex

    Yes, we are animals, aren’t we? Nice to know you admit the equivalency of humanity and other animals.

    But we don’t believe in Hell, so we won’t burn there. ^.~

  3. Djeezz van Gerwen says:

    Pasta, spaghetti was invented by the Chinese long before they made up the Jesus story. Alexander The Great brought Pasta to Europe. Italy has nothing to do with Pasta, exept for nailing this Jesus character, probably afraid already of Christianity.

    Please do not laugh about Pastafarians as we do not lau=gh about other religions.

    • Rev Toni Rigatoni says:

      Oh yes we do!!!

  4. Djeezz van Gerwen says:

    I would like to set up a Dutch Church, connecting with The Pastafarians. Please contact me on
    [email protected] since I am travelling. Thanks, Hans JC van Gerwen

  5. Schnitzel says:

    I applaud your enthusiam and evident passion for the FSM. This religion is one of understanding. No where does it say one must be dressed in Pirate garb to ingest to holiest of holy foods. You don’t even have to eat pasta to praise him. Review your IRRYD’s and maybe graze over the gospel once more. We are better than this. This is the first step towards extremism. RAmen.

  6. PHY09-ULAVAL says:

    We, the association of pastafarians of Laval University in Quebec City, Canada (Especially the physics department) are with you and follow all that our lord showed us. We are making the best to spread the word around the university and tell the christians organisations that we are the one who are right. And that everyone should be touched by it’s noodly appendage. We are going very soon to be an accredited association in the student association’s associations… anyway. We are making negative publicity in the campus right now ( we remove religious posters all over the university) but I guess that this not very legal. We’ll be making flyers very soon, I hope that we will be able to translate them in french without any copyright stuff.

    Keep up the good work

    Association of French Canadians Pastafarian Students Of Laval University (Association Québécoise des étudiants Pastafariens de l’Université Laval)

  7. jellybean says:

    im new to the church, and i agree completely with what you have said in your letter, thank you, and keep fighting. if anyone wants to speak or enlighten me on how to be a good pastafarian, contact me on [email protected] thank you it will be extremely appreciated.

  8. JKA says:

    RAmen Brother!!!

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