Fighting for Pastafarians everwhere

Published September 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

My College Dining commons is, at this very moment, preforming debased and blasphemous acts with it’s pasta displays. Attached is my complaint letter. Be warned, their depravity knows no bounds, and what I write of their acts may shake you to your very core, but such perversion must be fought with stalwart hearts wherever it is found. I shall keep you posted on the aftermath if you are so inclined, fellow pastafarian

Noodly Yours,

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  1. ArthurDental says:


  2. Alex says:

    this religion is total bullshit, i think someone got bored one day and was hungry.. thats it, go get a life and food this all is a replacement to god, you shouldnt do that, believe in him or dont thats your decision but dont make up ridiculous religions to soot your hunger… animals… you will all burn in hell

  3. Marf says:

    That’s going a bit too far. It’d be different if they advertised themselves as a Pastafarian establishment, but they don’t. This is the second time this week I’ve felt the need to quote this:

    “So remember, Pastafarians are not assholes. We simply deliver His Word and let the people decide.” – Page 93, The Gospel of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    Seriously, live and let live. Don’t be an asshole.

  4. easy says:

    You know, someone had just said “Jesus in a flagrant pose” seriously, I’d pay to see that!

  5. Doctor of Pastdivinity says:

    Even as I can understand the rage of our fellows, I think tolerance is a value. We must understand that not everybody in our societies is Pastafarian. The times of Pastafarianity are gone, and we must focuse our message of Pastafarianism and a humanistic approach to Pastafarianism.

  6. Lex (from Ireland) says:

    Let them be. It’s OK pointing out the mistakes made out of ignorance, but you’r taking it a bit too far, mate, as taking the matter to court would go against IRRYD#2 ))
    Be nice to others as they eat the same pasta we all do (IRRYD#3)


  7. Gabby says:

    I am a noobie to FSM, but am really enjoying the discourse. I have been searching for something to fill the void and traditional religions contain too much violence, intolerance and disharmony for me. I find nothing disharmonious about wearing a pirate costume while eating a nice warm bowel of pasta. Thank you for improving my life.

  8. Stephen Bell says:

    O crap. We got some fundamentalists pastafarian. I can just see the headlines. Sit in’s at local Olive Gardan. Protest at pasta factories for not correctly processing our lord thy god. Or worse still, picket lines at Arbys for having kosher meals, but nothing for us. Sigh.

    Though, I really do look forward to how this turns out.

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