Fighting for Pastafarians everwhere

Published September 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

My College Dining commons is, at this very moment, preforming debased and blasphemous acts with it’s pasta displays. Attached is my complaint letter. Be warned, their depravity knows no bounds, and what I write of their acts may shake you to your very core, but such perversion must be fought with stalwart hearts wherever it is found. I shall keep you posted on the aftermath if you are so inclined, fellow pastafarian

Noodly Yours,

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59 Responses to “Fighting for Pastafarians everwhere”

  1. Iron Mike says:

    Yes, Pastafarians are being persecuted everywhere. Just look a can of Chef BoyArDee. His noodliness is not being portrayed properly. This needs to stop. I say, let’s start a boycott. ;)

  2. don says:

    Walter, you are a true pasta warrior. Keep up the good work, and may His noodlyness be with you always.

  3. zebobbybird says:

    This made my day!

  4. AP says:


    interestinf theological point. Lets hope it doesn’t lead to a split. I was of the opinion that all sorts of pasta was good, and that decoration in the traditional way should be reserved for holidays (Friday). But we should be forgiving of those who digress a bit.

    Good training there though.

  5. Terry says:

    We must learn to be tolerant. Other religions attempt to force their views on society; we must not be seen as such a religion. People must be free to arrange their pasta as they see fit, else no one is free!

  6. DeJinx says:

    Yes! How dare they show such disrespect. Just because they’re obviously jealous of our religion in which anyone can join… I’m thinking that they should do something as an apology for this. Maybe dedicate the whole restaraunt to the FSM… And make everyone who comes in worship the kind and gentle monster.

    I’ve not being worshipping for long myself… But I’m hoping to benifit on the rewards of being Pastafarian such as simply having something invisible to look up to when times aren’t so good.

  7. sonas says:

    Yarrrrgggh! I propose a fatwa to that establishment! A 100 year beer drought plague be upon them all unless they repent.

  8. Marmot says:

    ROFLMAO!!! Poor manager when he sees this. Still, kudos to him for having a feedback service around.


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