Fighting for Pastafarians everwhere

Published September 14th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

My College Dining commons is, at this very moment, preforming debased and blasphemous acts with it’s pasta displays. Attached is my complaint letter. Be warned, their depravity knows no bounds, and what I write of their acts may shake you to your very core, but such perversion must be fought with stalwart hearts wherever it is found. I shall keep you posted on the aftermath if you are so inclined, fellow pastafarian

Noodly Yours,

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  1. Aesi says:

    A shining example to all of us! Fight the power, brother! Rejoice!

    • Rose says:


  2. O_O says:

    That may be going a little far and be unfair. They probably do the same thing to the cracker display, to show their religious neutrality.

  3. Ron says:

    *Sigh* Fundamentalists and their dogma….

  4. Hollee says:

    Silly Walter, it’s not about dressing like pirates, and so long as they are consuming his noodly flesh, it need not be shaped in his noodly form. One step at a time, although it is wonderful you are attempting to spread his noodly goodness. Don’t be too hard on them though, they’re clearly trying if they’re eating the pasta.

  5. Allan says:

    honestly people is it SOOOO much to ask that when you eat pasta you put on a eye patch, i dont really go with the more radical people in our religion that say you must be IN FULL regalia i just want a eye patch, or maybe just a pirate hat, thats all. im being reasonable here

  6. Sean Boyd says:

    Arrrr, keep up the fight, matey!

  7. ATSAP REVOL says:

    Dear Walter,

    Good for you! Give that infidel Dining Staff a hard time. How would they like it if you blatantly displayed a statue of Jesus in a flagrant pose?

    If necessary, go to the President of the University and demand that the Food Service Staff dress as pirates on days that Spaghetti is served.

    Make them show profound respect for our Noble Lord, The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

    ATSAP REVOL (*bows toward UMass and flatulates*)

  8. pastafarian jess says:

    I, as a fellow umass amherst student, am proud to see my fellow pastafarian/minutemen taking a stand against the blasphemous displays at the DCs, thank you pastafarian walter!


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