you are absolutely ridiculous

Published August 7th, 2009 by Bobby Henderson

You are absolutely ridiculous and you are making a fool of this world!!!

Spaghetti wasn’t invented till the 12th century dumb-ass..


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  1. Dude says:

    Haha…. i personally, am not a pastafarian, or anything at all. Idk if ANY religion is true, so i wont attack this one, cuz who the hell knows? it might be right. but c’mon.. DONT HATE PEOPLE CAUSE OF THEIR RELIGION. that is how people DIE. Just throwing that out there thx

  2. Mat the OZZY (sandgroper specifically) says:

    A world without fools is a foolish deliosion.
    True enough, spaghetti wasn’t invented untill the 9th, 11th and now 12th century (make up your mind people).
    People, if your gonna write hate mail then come up with someting original, not the offle thats been written 1000 times over. Better yet, dont mock my god and i won’t mock yours.

    Need i remind you that god was an elderly chap who created a NAKED MAN then a woman, the only woman even after they had kids, yet some how their children (again ALL MEN) had children without mention of god helping or creating another woman?

  3. hotclaws says:

    Is “Dumb-ass”your equivalent of AD or BC?
    may the Sauce be with you,

  4. lolfish says:

    Dear Troy

    One day soon you shall have and unfortunate incident. ie. fall down some stairs.
    it is at this point that you will wish that you had not mocked the great flying one.


  5. madi says:

    Fuck you.

  6. Nangleator says:

    Hey, he’s learned to spell ridiculous!

    But that’s an interesting notion about making the world a fool. Should the world be embarrassed? What happens if it blushes? Would it blush with magma coming up close to the surface? Because that would suck. Except for the news coverage, and cool Youtube videos of other people’s stuff getting wrecked. Awesome!

  7. Tom says:

    Troy, I’m sorry to see that our government propaganda has convinced you that spaghetti is only a few hundred years old.

    In actual fact, spaghetti can be SCIENTIFICALLY proven to be 6000 years old – which is also, “coincidentally”, the age of our universe (another scientific fact!)

    May his noodly appendage touch you,

  8. Arash says:

    Boring …!
    idiots are REALLY getting boring these days!
    at least come up with some new insults!

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